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EPF Nomination : Who Is Your Nominee For EPF Scheme?

Employee provident fund (EPF), it is a saving scheme for private sector employees. To build this fund, employer deducts a fraction of employees salary (12% of basic salary) every month and contributes the equal amount to invest under EPF scheme. This is something which I guess every private sector employee who contributes under EPF must know. So lets move on and see another important aspect i.e nomination of EPF. Nomination is a process which demands the declaration of the name of the person to whom investor want to pass on the benefits in case of his/her death. Under EPF nomination, every employee has to give the details of the nominee or nominees who will receive the EPF money in case of your death.

In case of non availability of nomination details, either EPF fund remains unclaimed or creates issue between family members of the deceased member. So to avoid any such occurrence what you have to ensure is that you have given all the required nominee details of your EPF to your company or EPFO.

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EPF nomination

EPF Nomination

Whom Can I Nominate As My Nominee For EPF Scheme?

  • A married male members can nominate : His Wife, Children, dependent parents & his deceased son’s widow & children.
  • A married female member can nominate : Her Husband, Children, dependent parents, her husband’s dependent parents & her deceased son’s widow & children.
  • An unmarried members or members with no family can nominate any person or institution related to him or not.

As per the EPF act, EPM member cannot nominate his/her BROTHER as nominee.

Can I Have More Than One Nominee For EPF Scheme?

Yes, an EPF member can declare more than one nominee with a specified percentage in which the EPF fund will be divided on death of the EPF member.

How Can I Declare Nominee Details For My EPF Scheme?

EPF members have to submit the EPF nomination form i.e Form 2 to declare nominee details for EPF and submit the filled form at your company’s finance department. (Form can either be obtained either online or from the HR department of your company)

Can I Change My EPF Nominee? How?

To change EPF nomination details, EPF member have to download and fill the EPF nomination Form i.e Form 2 to declare new nominee details and submit the filled form at company’s finance department.

The fresh nomination made by the EPF member will make the earlier nomination null and void.

How Can I Check My EPF Nominee Details?

To Check your EPF Nominees, EPF member have to visit the EPF office and have to submit a prescribed form. On submission of filled form, you will get a copy of your nomination form.

What Will Happen In Case Of Death Of One Of The Nominees Out Of My EPF Nominees List?

In case of more than one nominee, if one of the nominee dies before you then you have to change your nomination details i.e name and percentage of nomination else your EPF nomination will go null. Which means the money of your EPF will not be given to other nominees in case of your death.

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