Jun 032013
Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Interest Rate 2012-13

EPF interest rate is the rate of interest which all the members of EPF gets on there deposits. The Central Government revises rate of interest on EPF scheme every year in the month of March/April depending upon the revenues. Change in interest rate of EPF affects all most 6 Crore people across the country who are part of this scheme. The announcement of interest rate for EPF has recently made for the year 2012-13. As per the latest announcement on EPF interest rate for the financial year 2012-13, the government of India has increased the rate of interest from 8.25% [ more....]

May 272013
Now Recharge Your Delhi Metro Smart Card Online- Step by Step Guide

If you are a smart card user of Delhi metro than you don’t need to stand in queue to recharge your metro card anymore. This online facility allows you to recharge your smart card anytime anywhere using Debit or credit card. As of now the facility of net banking is not there to top up smart card for Delhi metro. You can top up your metro card online through the official websites of Delhi metro i.e. and To make sure that the recharge you have is successfully added to your card you can check the balance of your [ more....]

May 272013
Download Aadhaar Card Online- Step By Step Guide

As we all know, government of India is linking a lot of government facilities/ services with Aadhaar card. Linking these services with Aadhaar card will indirectly makes it compulsory for people to have there Aadhaar number handy to avail any such government services in India. But we have seen lot of people enrolled for their Aadhaar card long back and still waiting for there Aadhaar card number. I am receiving a lot of queries on How To check Aadhaar Card online? So here I am giving you a detailed tutorial with snapshots to help you check your Aadhaar card online. [ more....]

May 242013
How To Save For Child Education Fund?

With the cost of higher education rising faster then inflation, many parents worry about how to save for funding their children’s future education. Every parent today is diverting a major part of their savings to the cause of child education fund, while some are doing it wisely, for some it is mere estimation. It is very important to plan this segment well as it puts a lot on stake. The first step shall be to set aside a specified sum for the purpose, for each child separately. It is advisable not to mix these funds with those that are invested [ more....]

May 222013
How To Transfer Or Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online In India?

Daily I receive hundreds of queries related to Employee Provident Fund (EPF) where people keep on asking about the status of there EPF withdrawal request?, Status of there EPF transfer request, there  EPF account balance etc.. Like us, EPFO is also receiving tons of queries and complaints daily. So to deal with, EPFO has stated offering few online services like check EPF balance online, download EPF passbook online etc. These services are helping a lot to EPF account holders but there are still some areas where EPF account holders are looking for online platforms and one of them is online [ more....]

May 062013
How To Do Tax Planning In 2013?

Tax planning implies the spelling out of financial goals, where by the financial goals are aligned according to the tax liabilities and taxation is managed in a legal and systematic manner. Before planning tax liability it is important that the taxpayer studies a few basics. Every taxpayer shall go through Section 80C for getting acquainted with tax planning with schemes like ULIPS, Life Insurance Premiums, National savings certificates (NSC), Post office savings etc. Maintain A Separate HUF Tax File The first step in tax planning is maintaining a separate HUF tax file (if the tax payer is a Hindu), apart [ more....]

May 012013
A Guide To Tax Saving Mutual Funds

The SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board India) says that taxes levied on a person’s annual income are exempted if he/she makes an investment in tax saving mutual funds. But should tax saving be the only criteria for deciding the mutual fund one should invest in? And how viable it is to rely on such funds for good returns? Let’s find out. Investment Should Be Goal Oriented Not Just For Tax Saving There is no doubt that if you are an investor and if you have invested in any kind of tax saving mutual fund you will get some rebate at [ more....]

Mar 192013
How To Create Tax Saver Fixed Deposit Online?

Tax saving Fixed Deposit is one of the safest ways of saving tax. As name suggest, tax saving FD’s offers tax exemption to the investors under section 80C of the income tax act 1961. In other words, tax payers can invest under tax saving FD’s to avail tax exemption upto Rs 1 lakhs u/s 80C. Investors can invest in tax saving FD’s either by going to bank branch or using banks online platform. So if do internet banking then you can create your tax saving FD anytime anywhere. This is considered as one of the best investment option as it [ more....]

Mar 182013
Share Your Tax Saving Tips And Win Gift Vouchers Worth Rs. 5000

Saving tax is one of the most common incentives behind the investments, most of the individuals do every year. But not all tax saving schemes are profitable to a good extent. There are variety of options and investment instruments which provide tax benefits under various sections of income tax act. Different schemes and options deliver different returns, while sum are low risk low return like the tax saving FD’s others are high risk high return like ELSS etc. In past we have shared a number of options with you which you can refer in our previous articles. Now we want [ more....]