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How To Keep Financial And Other Important Documents Safe

Keep Documents Safe

It is very important for all of us to keep our financial and other documents safe and protected from misuse. Moreover, if our documents are safe and if we need them in future, then we can access them easily and in time too. Many of us still follow the old school of keeping the  documents safe. We put the hard copies ... Read More »

Planning Your Study Abroad? – Get Student Insurance Policy

Student Insurance Policy

Most students nowadays plan to go abroad for higher studies. If you also have any such plans then there is something very important for you to know i.e Student insurance policy. Student insurance policy is offered to protect insured from unexpected expenses like medical expenses while studying abroad. In most of the foreign universities, medical insurance is must. So it is always ... Read More »

What Is Dormant Account, How To Save It?


Almost everyone of us has a bank account. There are plenty of reasons why people get bank accounts opened, like for depositing account payee cheques, for transferring money to another account and most of us also receive our salaries in our respective bank accounts. But what happens most of the times is that we open a bank account for a specific ... Read More »

Child Insurance Plans In India: All You Need To Know

Child Insurance

Nowadays, the most important responsibility of parents is to secure their children’s future. Inflation is going up and up everyday and it seems that it is hitting education sector the most at this time. So if you are a parent, then you need to get your child’s future secure so that you can meet rising needs of your children. To secure ... Read More »

What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?


FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment. FDI is any investment made by a country in another country. FDI usually happens in developing countries by countries that have surplus liquid money in hand. This is a long term investment whereby corporation of one country makes a major investment to acquire ownership in a commercial venture in another country for the purpose ... Read More »