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Tax Receipt Log : Best Way To Keep Record Of All Your Financial Transaction At One Place

Managing receipts of each and every transaction to have a complete log is not an easy task. If you file your tax yourself then you must understand the importance of keeping record of each and transaction which your CA will require while filing your tax.

So to solve this problem we are here with an easy solution i.e Tax Receipt Log. It is an iPhone app which help you keep record of all your paper slips i.e receipts with a click of photo.

Lets have a close look how this iPhone/iPod Touch app can help you:-

It is a very simple and easy to use app

Take a picture of the receipt you want to store

iPhone app

Enter the amount of total and save.


With these two steps you are done with the main part. Now you can add category, notes and voice message to you saved receipt anytime.

You can assign categories to your receipts like office expense, Personal expense, Entertainment expense etc..


You can add text notes to your saved receipt.


You can add personal voice message to your saved receipt.


Now you can email your receipt log on any email address.


You can also export your receipt log and send the same to an email id. (Either complete or selected range of data)


So here you are with a complete log of data compiled in an spreadsheet along with snapshots of all the receipts.

iTunes allow you to download Tax Receipt Log @$3.99.

Visit HERE To buy Tax Receipt Log on iTunes

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