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How To Get Re-KYC Done For Bank Accounts

As per the KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines issued by RBI, every bank is required to obtain and maintain updated documents of its account holders. In an attempt to avoid fraudulent activities, banks update the document of all their account holders periodically. If you have recently opened a bank account, then you would have got KYC done while opening the account …

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Mobile Banking Tips: 8 Things To Consider While Banking Via Smartphone

Gone are the days when we had to visit banks to manage our funds. Smartphones have solved this trouble by allowing us to manage our funds while sitting at home or office. To cope with demonetization also, most of us use our smartphones for mobile banking for which, we enter some crucial information such as bank account numbers, passwords credit card details etc. …

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Mobile Banking: All You Need To Know

Mobile banking refers to a system through which customers of any financial institutions can avail the facility of financial transaction with the help of their mobile phones. This is made possible with the advancements in the web technologies. Till 2010, only SMS banking was operative but now the introduction of various smartphones has enabled the use of mobile web. European …

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Want A Bank Loan? Check Which Bank Offers What Based On Your Credit Score

At some point of time, most of us need money to meet our requirements like for purchasing a home or a vehicle. The best and most secure place to get money is from your bank or from financial institutions. But keep in mind that banks or financial institutions these days approve / reject loan requests based on your credit score.

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6 Things To Remember While Closing Home Loan

While owning a house is a dream of most of us, not everyone is fortunate enough to have sufficient funds to buy it. Those who can’t arrange enough funds, rely on home loans from banks to fulfill that dream. Home loans enable people to buy their dream house and pay for it over a period of time through EMI’s. Many people …

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Personal Loan Guide: 5 Things You Should Consider

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have enough funds to meet financial needs. Many people, at some stage of their life apply for personal loans to finance certain events such as medical emergencies, weddings, vacations and even to make credit card payments. For those who are unaware, personal loan is an unsecured loan provided by financial institutions to borrowers, on the basis …

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