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Difference Between Collateral Loan And Security Loan

When I approached bank for taking loan for the first time, the loan manager discussed different financial terms like security, collateral, mortgage, Lien etc. Frankly that time these all terms were alike for me as I was not aware what is the difference between these terms and how it matters in my loan request. So I decided to have a …

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What To Do When Your Bank Pushes You To Buy Insurance Policy Along With Home Loan?

Apart from daily banking activities, today bank have started selling other financial products like ULIP’s or insurance policies. It is been observed that banks are trying all kind of fair and unfair strategies to sell there insurance products. The most common unfair mean that banks are opting to sell insurance products is by clubbing insurance policy with Home Loan. Which …

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SBI : Get Your Home Loan Sanctioned Online

State Bank of India (SBI), India’s no. 1 lender is now working hard to increase there market share in the home loan segment. To attract new home loan customers, SBI is now coming up with its online home loan portal. SBI has designed this online home loan portal to facilitate its customers to get there home loan approved online i.e …

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Difference Between Deferment and Forbearance Of Loan

Nowadays education is one of the must have thing for anyone. Every parent wants to provide best education to their kids but at the same time you can see that education is one of those sector which is very badly hit by inflation. The only option left with you to provide good education to your children is to get an …

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Income Tax Benefits On Second Home Loan In India

Investing in real estate is an good idea as it will provide best returns to you, Now if you already own a home and paying loan on it and planning to buy another Home on loan but confused regarding the tax implication then here is a guide for you. Well you can of course get an second home loan till …

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