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Bad News– Home Buyers Will Get Less Loan Amount As Per New RBI Guidelines

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have notified banks not to include the cost of stamp duty, registration charges and other charges while calculating the value of a property for granting home loan. Which simply means, now banks will calculate the value of property on the basis of basic price of the property as other charges like stamp duty, registration charges …

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Need Funds – Borrow Loan Against Insurance Policy Or Surrender The Policy?

Financial institutions and banks have list of criteria’s which they follow while approving loan  applications of there consumers which is not known to us. These criteria’s if not satisfied can lead to rejection of your loan application. So it is better for every one of us to know what all alternatives do we have which can help us get the …

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How Much Home Loan Am I Eligible For?

There were two friends, Sunny and Bunny. They always cherished to have a house of their own; however in such times for a single earner it is indeed difficult to build a home especially in a metropolitan city. One day Sunny told Bunny that his company has given him an opportunity to work in London for 2 years. After hearing …

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Want To Know How To Get Loans At Lower Interest Rate?

With the changing economical conditions, countries central authority regulated bank interest rates to keep a hold on the cash flow. As changes made in interest rates on bank deposits and loans directly impacted the financial health of the residents. Looking at the current market situation and recent trend of interest rates now people are forced to look for some alternative …

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