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Understand Shares Issues And Its Types

Companies generate funds from public and other options by issuing the shares. The fund is beneficial as the company does not have to pay the interest as in case of loans. Only dividend is to be distributed depending upon the profits. The different ways of issuing shares have its own benefits. You should know about the types and the fundamentals …

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Verify TIN : Toll Free Phone Number To Verify Dealers TIN In India

Tax Information Exchange System (TINXSYS), is a centralised exchange to verify details of any dealer in India. It will help dealers to verify the details or genuineness of the interstate dealers before transacting. Although there is one online mode to verify the details of the dealers already in place but to offer more ease now an exchange has been launched. …

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Be Careful In The Festive Season – Adopt Budget To Avoid Debts

There is always a bliss in the air and a rush of the commuters on road in the festive season as each seek to find the best items to buy for one’s family. With the enthusiasm and the merry making in the festive season you always tend to spend more than you had assumed and as a result you end …

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Difference Between Fortnightly And Monthly Loan Repayments

Today we all have plenty of need but limited resources so most of the time people take loan to fulfill there needs. Once we take loan, the term Loan Repayment comes into picture, loan repayment means paying the money back to the organization from where we took loan. There are different ways to repay loan amount back, Fortnightly and Monthly …

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Indian Budget 2011 Highlights

Finance Minister has started presenting his sixth Budget in the Lok Sabha. The Highlights of the federal budget 2011 are follows:- Highlights Service tax to cover hotel accommodation above Rs 1,000 per day, A/C restaurants serving liquor. Air-conditioned hospitals with more than 25 beds come under service tax regime. More services to will come into service tax net. Ship owners …

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