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Merger And Acquisition (M&A) And Its Various Types

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) is a term that defines the event of combination of two or more companies into one. Normally, it has been seen that either people consider mergers and acquisition as one term or do not differentiate between the two. Though in both the cases the companies combine into one but the process and fundamentals are entirely different. …

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Difference Between Wholesale Price Index (WPI) & Consumer Price Index (CPI)

We always talk about the increasing price of goods and services these days, that are necessary for us to live. A term which describes this increase in price is called as ‘Inflation’. The rate at which the price of goods and services increases over a particular period of time (normally an year) is termed as ‘Inflation Rate’. Now the next …

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Step By Step Instructions To Register And Make Online Payments Through ezeClick?

American Express has launched an online service with the name ‘ezeClick’ to facilitate its customers. As name suggest this service helps customers make there online payments using their credit cards quite easily. ‘ezeClick’ is a unique product which is launched in India for the first time by a credit card company. ezeClick takes all your credit card details once i.e …

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Best Ways To Earn Tax Free Income

No one likes to pay tax on there income as well as savings/ Investments but government impose tax on almost all types of incomes earned by a resident in India. Now when just two months left for the financial year 2012 to end, being a tax payer you must be little worried to know how to save tax on your …

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How To Start Business Without Venture Capital Or Angel Investing?

To start any business what is the main thing which you need? Ya I know you need an idea but what else? Yes you are right its money, without money your all ideas, planning are worthless because to start any business you need money, without money you cant do anything. Any entrepreneur who is looking to start his or her …

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Difference Between NEFT And RTGS

We all have heard about the terms NEFT and RTGS while dealing with bank transactions. In broader term both these terms are related to electronic money transfer from one banks to another in India. Both NEFT and RTGS mechanism are maintained by Reserve Bank Of India to ensure safety while transferring funds from one bank to another bank. Although both …

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