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Difference Between Bond And Debenture

Investment is one term that relates to almost everyone in this world. Everybody want to invest there surplus money according to there purpose and risk taking capacity. As there are number of investment schemes available in the market which majorly varies in terms of risk and return factor. These are two major factors which influence investors to invest there money, …

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Gold Investment: Physical Gold VS Gold ETFs?

In the 21st century, gold is valued as a currency, investment, and commodity. Gold Investment is popular among investors as it can be used as a hedge against currency devaluation, inflation or deflation, and it can provide economic and financial support during times of economic and financial problems. Gold’s market is highly liquid. There are a number of ways through …

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How Mutual Fund Investment Can Help You Fulfil Your Dreams?

Have you ever invested in mutual funds? If not, today I will bring some very important points to your notice that will help you understand the market and help you make an informed decision of investing in mutual funds. If yes, even then you will find something you might not know, so make sure you read till the end. So …

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Now, Withdraw Your EPF Money In Five Days!

EPF money withdrawal is one of the biggest issues that bugs an average Indian. After all, the process is quite cumbersome. In fact, it is such a harassing process that it takes months or even years (for some) to get their hands on their own money. The part where one was required to get their withdrawal form attested by existing employer …

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Wish to Save PF Money Till Retirement? Here’s How To Do It

Provident Fund is a long-term investment scheme from government of India. It is for the welfare of the working population. However, so is the NPS or National Pension Scheme. What makes the two different? Firstly, you can withdraw your PF money before retiring. In the case of NPS, that is not possible. Secondly, PF may or may not be mandatory …

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Three Things You Should Know About EPF

Employees Provident Fund or EPF is a scheme run to ensure every working member in the country has one long-term investment. Run by the Employees Provident Fund Organization or EPFO, every company having over 20 members, or in some cases even less, is covered by this scheme. What you see in your salary slip under PF or Provident Fund head …

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Consider These Before Withdrawing Your Provident Fund Money

PF Withdrawal

A news piece quite recently made people smile. It was about the government easing restrictions of PF withdrawal in case someone wanted to buy a house. In essence, you can withdraw PF money to buy your own house. Isn’t that great? After all, it is your money and you can finally use it to at least buy your own house. However, have …

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Use These Money Saving Tips To Enjoy Your Income To The Fullest

Money Saving Tips

Today, the incomes are on a rise. Yes, things have become costly too but at least you can afford them. However, since affordability has gone up too, so has the issue of managing finances. The use of credit cards and loans has only worsened the situation. However, not all is lost. Due to rising incomes, it has become easier to save …

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Best Investment Options For You In 2017

Best Investment Options

Investment is a big deal for all of us. Prices increase faster than our incomes. No matter how much we prepare for bad times, our budget always seems to go for a toss. If we have one thing to protect us from these setbacks, it is our investment. However, investing in just about anything will not do. After all, if you …

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What Are Emergency Funds And How To Create Them

Has it ever happened with you that you were in the need of money but then you realized and regretted that you haven’t saved any funds for this? Most of you may have faced such a situation. Whether you have or you have not been in such a situation, we can help you overcome and avoid regretting for the same …

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