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Confused Whether To Invest In Stocks Or Bank FD For Long Term? – Compare Historical Returns To Choose The Best

Frequency of introduction of new investment plans and investors is taking financial market to a new level. Due to a large number of investment products with different specifications, choosing one which can give health returns to the investor is becoming a challenge. To face this challenge now investors have started taking help from financial advisors. Financial experts or advisors are …

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Gold ETFs : More Then 100% Growth In The First Two Months Of 2012

Since the times of our great grand parents, gold has been counted as the best investment alternate to keep money safe. Now when global economy is going from a phase of up and downs, Indian economy is not untouched from its impact which lead people follow the foot steps of there ancestors by investing there funds into gold. The latest …

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What Are Participatory Notes? – Use of Participatory Notes In Indian Equity Markets

Investment made by foreign investor in Indian market can be classified as – Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII). By both FDI and FII, foreign investors can invest their money into Indian market. Although investment made by foreign investors infuses foreign money into Indian market which helps in the growth of industries and capital market but this …

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What Are Equity-Linked Debentures?

Looking at the ups and downs in the equity market in recent past, investors have started looking for financial products which can offer them security of principal with reasonable returns. Equity-linked debentures (ELDs) are one of this kind of investment where investor get protection of capital invested with equity based returns. In simple words, ELDs offers guaranteed return of principal …

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