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What Are Emergency Funds And How To Create Them

Has it ever happened with you that you were in the need of money but then you realized and regretted that you haven’t saved any funds for this? Most of you may have faced such a situation. Whether you have or you have not been in such a situation, we can help you overcome and avoid regretting for the same …

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How To Automate Investments & Savings In India

Best Investment Options

People nowadays don’t have enough time to park their money in investment or saving schemes regularly which makes a big part of their money stay idle in their savings bank accounts. Considering this issue, we have listed some ways which can help you automate investments and savings, which will not only help you invest your money but also offer you better returns. …

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How To Start Saving Money While In College

Saving is a healthy habit and should be inculcated at a young age. It is advisable that youngsters start saving while in college so that they get an understanding of saving and managing their funds before they embark upon their professional lives and prospective careers. Saving effectively begins by developing a comprehensive budget as it helps to get a fair …

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Save Funds For Child Education- Easy To Follow Tips

With the cost of higher education rising faster than inflation, many parents worry about how to save for funding their children’s future education. Every parent today is diverting a major part of their savings to the cause of child education fund. While some are doing it wisely, for some it is mere estimation. It is very important to plan this …

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What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?

FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment. FDI is any investment made by a country in another country. FDI usually happens in developing countries by countries that have surplus liquid money in hand. This is a long term investment whereby corporation of one country makes a major investment to acquire ownership in a commercial venture in another country for the purpose …

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Start Making Retirement Plans For Better Future

How many times have you thought ‘Lets earn first, Retirement planning can be done later’?  Most of us keep earning money waiting for the right time to make retirement plans, unaware of the fact that for safer and better life after retirement, there is no correct time to start planning retirement. The mantra that works is ‘Sooner The Better‘. It has …

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