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Start Making Retirement Plans For Better Future

How many times have you thought ‘Lets earn first, Retirement planning can be done later’?  Most of us keep earning money waiting for the right time to make retirement plans, unaware of the fact that for safer and better life after retirement, there is no correct time to start planning retirement. The mantra that works is ‘Sooner The Better‘. It has …

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Equity vs Debt Funds: Which Is A Better Investment Option

Equity as well as debt funds, both funds are an excellent source of investment as well as income, provided one knows exactly which one to go for. Not every fund is meant for everyone. For e.g., on a broader perspective, those who are vary of risks and bear a tolerance for sudden losses can always opt for equity funds. On …

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Investment Appraisal Guide: Methods & Techniques

Best Investment Options

Investment is a long-term commitment of precious funds and consequently it is extremely important to evaluate each investment carefully. Investment appraisal may be defined as the evaluation of an investment with a view to ascertain the returns or gains that are expected to accrue from it. While different techniques may be used in the process of investment appraisal, the major …

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All about Inflation-Linked Bonds For Indian Retail Investors

Inflation Linked Bonds are basically framed to provide protection against inflation to the investors. They are the best replacement of gold investment, the benefit is that the principal amount also increases with the inflation, through it inflation risk is also minimized. It was first issued in 1780 by Massachusetts Bay Co. In India RBI has designed it with government of …

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How To Transfer Or Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online In India?

Daily I receive hundreds of queries related to Employee Provident Fund (EPF) where people keep on asking about the status of there EPF withdrawal request?, Status of there EPF transfer request, there  EPF account balance etc.. Like us, EPFO is also receiving tons of queries and complaints daily. So to deal with, EPFO has stated offering few online services like …

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A Guide To Tax Saving Mutual Funds

The SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board India) says that taxes levied on a person’s annual income are exempted if he/she makes an investment in tax saving mutual funds. But should tax saving be the only criteria for deciding the mutual fund one should invest in? And how viable it is to rely on such funds for good returns? Let’s find …

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