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National Pension System (NPS): The Best Place To Invest For Retirement

Are you thinking to invest a part of your monthly income for your retirement? If yes, then you must also be struggling to get the answer of the question that comes from most of the people i.e “Where to invest for retirement planning?”. If you keep an eye on the financial market and like taking risk then you will find …

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Mutual Fund Direct Plan–You Should Invest Or Not?

SEBI the regulator of securities market in India has directed fund houses to offer mutual fund direct plan to the investors apart from the regular plan. Which simply means, MF houses should allow investors to directly invest in Mutual fund scheme without any broker or agent. Elimination of agents will reduce the middleman commission which in turn reduce the expense …

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Difference Between ULIP And Mutual Funds

Unit linked investment plan (ULIP) and mutual fund are two different forms of investments which confuses most of investors. In broader terms, ULIPs are insurance cum investment product which provides a mix of both insurance & investment in one single policy whereas mutual funds are pure investment product. Both these investments are market linked i.e subject to market risk which …

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Avoid Last Minute Tax Planning To Claim Deduction Under Section 80C?

Last 3 months of the financial year 2012-13 are left, soon most of the salaried people will start investing there funds into different financial products to claim section 80C deductions. This section offers income tax deduction upto Rs 1 lac to the tax payers who invest there funds in any of the investment option which falls u/s 80C on the …

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PPF Maturity : Extend Or Withdraw Funds From PPF Account On Maturity

Public Provident Fund (PPF), is a long term investment scheme of the central Government of India. The main purpose of introducing this investment scheme is to offer an alternate scheme to the people who are not covered under Employee Provident Scheme (EPF). Which means it targets people who are either self employed or works under unorganized sectors. It doesn’t means …

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Public Provident Fund (PPF) : All About PPF Investment Scheme In India

Today most of us like to keep our investments safe rather than investing the same in markets. For that we always look for an alternatives where our money remain safe and offers us good returns. Public provident fund (PPF), is one of the investment scheme which offers good returns without any income tax implications. Which means returns from PPF investment …

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