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Gratuity Rules Are About To Change, But Should You Be Worried?

Gratuity rules are about to change. Come Parliament’s Monsoon Session, gratuity is one topic our legislators will be talking upon. The new bill plans to increase the limit of gratuity amount you can accumulate from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. The Union Cabinet is yet to scrutinise the new gratuity bill, which will then be tabled, discussed and passed …

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Looking To Retire Early? Here’s What You Should Do

You can’t keep working for a lifetime. Your capacity to work keeps going down with age, as does your effectiveness to do them. This is why you get to hear many people say that over time, you should replace hard work with working in a smart manner. All things said, what we are coming to is the time when you have to retire …

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Take Care Of These Financial Tasks Right Now!

It is that time of the year when you have to file taxes. Also, in 2017, this is the time of the year when GST tax rates for commodities are being decided. Taking a look at the two events together, you can how big this year already has become. This is a bigger deal when you consider the fact that …

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Read This To Optimise Your CTC And Save Tax

Optimise CTC

You pay the biggest amount of money on Income Tax, as compared to other taxes. After all, the other times when you are paying taxes is when you are buying goods and services. On them, tax rates are lower as their price is low too. Coming back to income tax, it is an annual liability on a person that can be reduced. There are a …

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Did You Know About These Benefits Available To Senior Citizens In India?

Senior Citizen Benefits

In India, the workforce is mostly aged between 18-35 years of age. However, there is a sizeable portion of the workforce that comprises of senior citizens. These members of our society  are unable to add much to our GDP as they are unable to work with same capacity as they could in their heyday. However, as a society, these folks do …

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