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Mutual Funds Colour Coding And Its Significance

Many regulatory changes have been made by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board fo India) with respect to growth of mutual fund industry and investor’s benefits. Mutual fund colour coding is one such example of regulatory changes. Though, this mechanism has not produced desired result, it is aimed to provide investors an easy understanding of the mutual fund scheme in which …

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Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA)– Demat Account With No Annual Maintenance Charge

With the introduction of BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account) now small individual investors can open and maintain demat account for trading in securities market of India without or small annual maintenance charge. Induction of BSDA is a result of market regulator SEBI’s effort to make large number of individual investors to invest in the Indian stock market. From October 01, …

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Tax Free Bonds 2013 – Invest To Save Tax

Tax Free Bonds, as name suggest these bonds offers tax free interest income. In other words, any interest earned from these bonds will be tax free in the hands of the investors. Tax free bonds are usually issued by government organizations in India to raise their capital. The interest rate on tax free bonds ranging between 8.5 to 8.75% depending …

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How To Transfer/ Gift Shares?

Today investing under shares is a common practice, but when it comes to transferring of shares, most of the people get stuck as the procedure for the same is not known to them. Before understanding the procedure to transfer of shares lets first understand the reasons due to which one transfers his shares. Majorly there are two reasons for transfer …

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How Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOPs) Works For Employees & Company?

Companies plan various options for its employees for their engagement with the company. And one of the very good option is ESOP. Employee Stock Option Plan, ESOP is a plan under which the companies offer the shares to its employees. Mostly, it has been notices that ESOPs are contribution to the employees and they don’t have to purchase. But if …

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"Zecco" An Easy Way To Trade On The Go

If you are an investor who keeps on checking stock exchange so that if you find any thing interesting or you see an opportunity by which you can make profit or so, or you might be interested on the working of stock exchange, you always need to be on your computer or you might use laptop or tablets if you …

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