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Why Petrol Prices Are So High In India?

Do you also wonder why in this world, petrol prices are so much higher in India compared to most of the countries on our planet? Do you know the fundamentals of how much petrol actually costs and how much we Indians pay for it? Why is there such a huge difference in the price of diesel and petrol in India …

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Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Maybe Reduce Or Removed In India – SEBI Requests Finance Ministry Of India

Past few months have not been among the good times for global economy. Economic crisis which originated from Europe, gradually spreading to USA and Asian economies have led to a big slowdown in economic growth worldwide. So far, India has been doing good compared to other economies because of strong internal demands and good fundamentals of growth from within Indian …

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Advance Tax–When & How To Pay?

As an individual we know about income tax, but you may not yet be aware about the implications of advance tax. Few of us ask, What is this advance tax? Is this an another type of tax imposed by the government? Do I have to pay this? These questions are very important to address as ignorance can add an unwanted …

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Applying For PAN Card In India?– Check Required Documents For Foreign Citizens

Pan Card is a unique 10 digit alphanumeric code issued by the Income tax department of India to every individual applies for it. Any individual can get this issued by fulfilling the application criteria mentioned by the authorities. The document requirement varies for applying Pan card for Indians and non residents but the PAN card issued is the same i.e …

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Download Tax Challan Correction Request Form

Do you file your Income tax return Manually? If yes then read on this is really important for you. The main reason for automating the system of filling income tax return is to minimize the errors. But still there are a big number of people who file their income tax return manually. Errors while depositing tax payment challan physically are …

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