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How To Pay Excise Duty And Service Tax Online In India?


To pay Central Excise or Service Tax, assesse first have to register to get the assessee code. To register, assessee need to file an application in Form ST-1 (in duplicate) to the jurisdictional Central Excise/ Service Tax officer with self attested copy of PAN card, proof of address of business premises etc. After verification of all the details provided by ... Read More »

Tax Exemptions And Deductions For Salary Income or Individuals


As an individual, we always prefer to save our taxes. The tax paid by a salaried person is deducted by the company as TDS. Though you should know about the following details to decrease your tax liability and enjoy the maximum possible savings. We would never prefer that our hard earned money has a major outflow because of tax payments. ... Read More »

Set-Off And Carry Forward Losses For Income Tax Purposes


There are various Income Tax Rules, under which you can set-off the losses against the gains or carry forward them to set-off in subsequent years. But these rules have to be followed with particular details for set off and enjoy tax benefits. Set-off of losses Under Section 70, the loss incurred from any source of income under any head can ... Read More »