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Link You PAN Card With Aadhar Card Using These Steps

Link PAN card with Aadhar card

When the Indian government started the process of making Aadhar card, its goal was to give the citizens a document that could stand as a proof of identity, residence, etc. Today, the government’s goal has changed. It now focuses on going digital. An essential process in this regard is to link everything to Aadhar card as it is a digital …

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What Is The Difference Between TAN Number & TIN Number?

Most people get confused with similar sounding words. TAN and TIN are one of those and may create confusion. In this post, we will explain the concept of TAN Number & TIN Number. But before moving to TAN and TIN, lets first understand the concept of Tax Deduction. Tax Deducted at source (TDS), Tax collected at source (TCS) and Value Added …

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Tax Benefits Of Health Insurance

Things To Know About Health Insurance

Most of us believe that health insurance is limited to paying our hospital bills when we fall sick. Unaware of advantages of health insurance, most individuals continue living without health insurance. What needs to be learnt is that benefits of health insurance go beyond protecting us and our family from unexpected high medical costs. There are numerous benefits of health insurance apart from paying …

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Best LIC Policies For Tax Saving Under Section 80C

Tax saving is considered as one of the most common motive behind investments. But which is the best investment option? Where should you invest to get tax exemption? There are numerous investments options which can help you save tax. However, in this post, we will solely concentrate on the life insurance policies which are one of the best investment options …

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Tax Benefits On Life Insurance Policies Under Section 80C

At the end of every financial year, most of us find ourselves planning our finances and browsing different options to save tax under various sections of Indian Income Tax Act. If you are also one of them and are looking for some tips to save your hard earned money, then we are here to help you. All you need to do to …

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