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Common Error You Might Make While Filing eReturn

There is a rush on filing eRuturns as last date is of 31 July. But while filing eReturns many of you make some common mistakes in the form or in process which you should avoid otherwise you might get in trouble or may have to pay penalty for providing wrong information to government. So here are some common mistakes which …

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Now Get Expert Help For Filing Tax Return At Your Door Steps

Filing income tax return (ITR) is a very important task that every tax payer have to do every year. But most of the Individual and HUF tax payers find it complicated, so to make this activity easy and reasonable for the tax payers Income tax department has initiated an ‘Income Tax Preparers Scheme’. Under this scheme, Income tax department has …

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How To Enable Macros In MS Excel For Filing Income Tax eReturns?

Few days are left for you to file your Income Tax return as its last date is of 31st July (one who don’t get his books Audit) and if you haven’t file your IT return then you can file it online by just downloading a form then file and upload it back to website and you are done, but when …

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Top Websites For Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) Online In India

Filing income tax return (ITR online is not uncommon especially after income tax department made it compulsory for all the tax payers with annual income Rs 10 lack and above to file their income tax return (ITR online only. Although income tax department has provided a platform which allows tax payers to file there income tax return (ITR online. But …

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