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  2. Thanks for your clear explanation

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  4. understandable explanation.

  5. Nice explanation… but i want to know more about it…

    like – what kind of assets, stocks & receivables are considered? Is there any threshold limit for the turnover of getting eligible for it? What is the procedure of opening such accounts?

  6. Nicely explained…….

    Is it necessary only to SMEs to open OCC & OD a/c?

  7. thanks for this valuable explanation. but like Mr. suniL Agarwal i want know what kind of assets, stock and receivables for Open cash credit a/c.

  8. Well explained

  9. fantastic explanation regarding that open cash credit system and overdraft. thank you for your valuable service

  10. excellent procedure for disclose distinguish among the both the occ and od.

  11. Very nice explanation..

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