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Download Verification Certificate Format For PAN Card Application Issued By Income Tax Department

Income Tax department of India has prescribed a set of documents that every individual and HUF have to submit while submitting request application for a new PAN card. Proof of address and proof of identity are two major documents which are necessary for every applicant to attach while applying for a new PAN card.

For both address and identity proof there is a list of documents out of which applicant can submit any one. But in some cases where the applicant is not able to produce his/ her identity or address proof, Income tax department allow them to submit a Certificate of identity or address certificate signed by a Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councilor or a Gazetted Officer.

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Earlier there was no prescribed format for the certificate of identity from MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer. But to make this process more organized, now Income tax department has created a standard format. You can download this format from the official website of Income tax and affix your recent passport size photo same as you affixed on your PAN card application and fill it with your particulars like Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Address etc. and get it signed by the authorized signatory.

Once you get this certificate filed and signed by MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer then it will work as a proof of identity or proof of address for your PAN card application. This Verification Certificate comes under the provisions of Rules 114(4) of IT Rules, 1962 of PAN (Individual / HUF).

Verification Certificate Format For PAN Card

To download the verification certificate for PAN card : Click HERE

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Other documents which can serve the purpose of Identity proof for Pan Card application is:-

  • School Leaving Certificate, Matriculation Certificate, Degree of Recognized Educational Institution, Depository Account Statement, Valid Credit Card, Bank Account Statement, Water Bill, Ration Card, Property Tax Assessment Order, Passport, Voter’s Identity Card and Driving License

Other documents which can serve the purpose of proof of address for Pan Card application is:-

  • Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Depository Account Statement, Credit Card Statement, Bank Account Statement, Rent Receipt, Employer Certificate, Ration Card, Passport, Voter’s Identity Card, Property Tax Assessment Order and Driving License

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  1. this is to bring to your information that almost 15 yrs back i had mentioned my Fathers name as Bhaskaran nair and now i wish to include my fathers name in complete as Bhaskaran Madhavan nair.I do not know any gazetted office to attest my document hence would request you to let me know on alternate document that can be provided to confirm my fathers full name

    Await reply



  2. Dear Sir, it is nice to have a standard format for verification certificate for the proof of address and identitiy of the person, etc. But, at the same, please say, whether one can insist/ask for the I.D. No.or xerox copy of the Identity Card and Mobile No. of the Gazetted Officer or MLA/M.P./Municipal Councillor, when we are facing difficulty in getting their signature/attestation for our PAN Application verification certificate? Why can’t the IT Department drop the said column, i.e., (I.D. No. of the officer signing the verification certificate and insisting the xerox copy of the I.D.Card of the Officer). Is this the way, the IT Department is serving the people OR discouraging the people to apply for new PAN Card?. Do they know the pains one take to get the signature of the Gazetted Officer, when he is short of one thing, i.e., proof of address, or voter’s ID card?. Please simplify the rule and encourage the people to get the PAN Card easily and brought them under the ambit of IT regime honorably. Shall I expect a reply from your side, regarding the above problem. Thanking you, yours, subramaniam.v.

  3. sir,
    getting job id xerox of gazatted officer for pan card correction is very tough and practically not possible so kindly advice in this regard

  4. There is just harassment of common people everywhere, and this is one such rule, the rule makers are unknown to the ground realities. No Gazatted Officer, MP or MLA wants to give the photocopy of his I-Card. This provision should certainly be relooked into.

  5. It is very difficult to have a certificate from gazatted officer ..I am out of my home town who is going to give a certificate as a proof ..if one can make pan card on the basis of aadhar card,Dl,or with other documents then why he/she cannot make the correction on the basis of this document only ..and the mistakes is done by your side only ..
    This is totally wrong ..think on this subject u r charging money form every correction and that’s why making lots of mistakes
    U should correct the mistakes without any cost …lots of people are facing same problem
    Think over it

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