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How To Type Indian Rupee New Currency Symbol In Windows?

As we all know, the Government of India have introduced a new symbol for Indian currency. People have started using this symbol but some of us don’t know how to insert the same. Here is a simple trick which you can use to insert new rupee symbol.

How To Inset Rupee Symbol?

To start with you need to download the latest version of Rupee Font HERE.

Extract the downloaded ‘Rupee_Font_Installer.rar’ file on your PC.

Click to open the extracted file and press install button to start installation.

And you are done.

Now whenever you need to insert rupee currency symbol you just need to select the font type as ‘Rupee Foradian’

and press ( ` ) i.e the key just above Tab button on your keyboard.

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  1. That’s great. But the number of time I insert rupee symbol I always have to change the font to ‘Rupee Foradian’. Isn’t there any other shortcut alternative to insert the Rupee symbol?

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