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Dhanalaxmi Bank Revised NRE Interest Rates To 10.10%

Deregulation of NRE interest rates has initiated a rate war between banks. Dhanlaxmi bank has intensified this rate war by revising its non resident external term deposit to 10.10% for deposits upto Rs 1 crore.

nre interest rates

Rate of Interest (% p.a) For Term deposits upto and inclusive of Rs. 1 crore


Interest Rate

366 to 499 days 9.00%
500 days 9.75%
501 days & above upto and inclusive of 2 years 9.00%
Above 2 years & upto & inclusive of 3 years 8.75%
Above 3 years upto & inclusive of 5 years 10.10%
Above 5 years upto & inclusive of 10 years 9.00%

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