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Do you know that there is a special quota for women’s and senior citizens in Indian railways for ticket reservation? Here will give you complete details- what does that quota mean and how you can book your ticket under this quota.

When we visit on the official ticket reservation portal of Indian railways i.e irctc.co.in for e ticket reservation it ask you to fill all the mandatory fields to make your search which includes quota. The list box given after this field gives you to choose one out of three options i.e General, Tatkal and Ladies.

General (GN):

This is for general public who don’t fall under any quota for railway ticket reservation.

Tatkal (CK):

This facility provides confirmed/Waitlisted E-tickets to passengers on payment of premium on ‘first come first served’ basis in all mail/express trains including Rajadhani, Shatabdi,Jan Shatabdi Express trains. Tatkal bookings are not allowed in 1AC.

Ladies (LD) :

Indian railways has set aside some tickets for ladies which fall under ladies quota so if you select ladies quota for ticket reservation you may find confirmed tickets available when tickets in general quota are not available or available in long waiting list.

Ladies quota is applicable for ladies in following three conditions-
1) 45+ aged lady travelling alone.
2) Pregnant woman (not necessarily alone).
3) Female senior citizen.

Any other lady boarding the train under ladies quota will be considered travelling without ticket.

Senior citizen quota in railways

Senior Citizen Quota :

Although you wont find Senior Citizen quota while making your search on the home page but when you will enter the passenger details and tick the senior citizen check box  you will automatically get the benefit of senior citizen quota and you will get your ticket from senior citizen quota. So in that case you may get confirmed ticket (if tickets available in the senior citizen quota) when tickets in general quota are not available or available in long waiting list. Senior citizen quota not only give you the benefit of confirmed ticket but also discount on ticket price.

When booking ticket for women senior citizen you may get more discount or more availability as it will make passenger applicable for dual quota i.e ladies quota and senior citizen quota so more chances to get confirmed ticket. Possibility increases when you select lower birth rather than any other preference.

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