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Launch Your Provident Fund (PF) Grievances / Complaints Online

EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund. This scheme covers almost all people working under private and non-pensionable public sectors. Under this scheme a part of your salary gets deducted  every month to be invested under a saving scheme. We have already covered about How To Check Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Balance Online?

To facilitate the members of EPF scheme, Employee provident fund organization (EPFO) has come up with a platform for all the PF Members, EPS Pensioner, Employer or others to register there EPF complaints or grievances online and get the status of their EPF account conveniently.

Employee provident fund account holder can enter there EPF account number to lodge complaint and get the status online.

This platform handles almost all type of EPF complaints/ grievances which can trouble you like:-

  • Issue of Final Settlement / Withdrawal of PF
  • Transfer of PF accumulations (F-13)
  • Scheme certificate (10C)
  • Settlement of pension (10D)
  • Issue Of PF slip / PF Balance
  • Payment of insurance benefit (5IF)
  • Cheque returned / misplaced

EPF Complaints

All you have to do is visit the employee provident fund grievance management system website and fill the required fields to lodge your complaint related to any of your grievance and submit. You also have the facility for maintaining confidentiality of your grievance by setting password. You can anytime check the status of your complaint online by entering your ‘Employee Provident Fund Account Number’ and also send online reminders to the EPFO to keep intimating about your pending complaint.

If you are still not getting any satisfactory reply then you may contact the EPF office. Find the EPF directory to get the office address and phone numbers.

Download Forms For Claiming Benefits Under The Employees Provident Fund Scheme

You can also file an RTI in case of no satisfactory answer from EPFO in time. Here is a link which covers the complete procedure of how to file an RTI for EPF. This will make you get the status of your EPF with 30 days from the date you file RTI.

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  1. I am facing problem in Final Settlement or withdrawal of PF. Please help me

  2. i have not recived my pf money it was submitted in the month of february. pls help me pf no is KN/25482/23745

    • i have not recived my pf money it was submitted in the month of SEPTEMBER 2010. pls help me. my pf no is MH/BAN/45327/826.It is my last request for you .Next action i will go to high court.

    • i have not recived my pf money it was sumitted in month of may 2012. pls help me my pf np is MH/BAN/0045160/000/0000451.

  3. Nirmal Kumar Valecha

    Please let me know
    1.how is EPF Trust differs from EPF.
    2. What is the contribution by co as against the employees deduction – is it not equal
    3. Is the settlement amount taxable and if Tax is deducted – and what is the percentage of tax
    4. As I understand that PF is not at all taxable- pl clarify

  4. Date : 10.01.2012

    Harish G.Rana
    72,Vishal nagar, ( Kangana Society)
    Mobile no. 9724645521

    Provident fund Commissioner,

    Sub:- P.F balance Not transfer.

    I have applied for transfer my P.F.balance from P.F. a/c no GJ\16818\970 (Paras Pharmaceuticals ltd) to P.F.a/c no GJ\AHD\54796\50. (Parshva Healthcare P.Ltd)

    Upon an inquiry for transfer of balance of my P.F. a/c no GJ\16818\970 (Paras Pharmaceuticals ltd) is processed and shows nil balance in such a/c, but there is no balance credit/ transfer to my P.F. a/c no GJ\AHD\54796\50. (Parshva Healthcare P.Ltd).

    Hence requested to transfer/credit such balance with interest amount to my P.F. a/c no GJ\AHD\54796\50. (Parshva Healthcare P.Ltd) from P.F. a/c no GJ\16818\970 (Paras Pharmaceuticals ltd).


    Harish Rana

    M.No 9724645521

  5. Last month when i sent mail you tell me Please wait January month end to get the remaining amount.
    but when today i sent mail you give another 1 and half month for clear the remaining total PF amount
    Whenever we approach them for the same issue i always get the same reply that wait for 1-2 months from last four months.
    You are requested to resolve this matter because i face some family problem.

    My Details

    Name :- Vinod Kumar
    DOB :- 1st Jan 1978
    Emp_Id :- FW003364
    PF Account No.KN/BN/34272/25821
    Father Nmae :- Sh. Kiran Singh

    Company Details

    Adecco India
    Sai Deep Shri Nidhi
    No. 2, NAL Wind Tunnel Road,
    Bangalore – 560017
    Tel: +91 80 39897070
    Fax: +91 80 41119020
    Email : shanthi.bm@adecco.co.in

  6. i have not recived my pf money it was submitted in the month of october. please help me
    my member id is:-TNMAS00488380000001075 & my member a/c no.TNMAS111100031370
    payment sent throw NEFT but this amount in not my a/c please help.

  7. Srinivasa Dyes Services P.Ltd.

    Our PF Regn.No.TNMAS 26213. Not received balances till date. inspite of repeated requests. please send details per return. Required for all members of our company.

  8. Hi,

    Am facing issue with PF withdrawl, have raised complaint on Nov-04-2011 , but till now no response, if I send remainder just see the below message, how they are updating in their site.

    Could some one please help me how to approach.


    Registration Number : RCHEN/E/2011/08098
    Name of Complainant : Mr Telugu Raghavendra
    Address of Complainant : HNO 3-10-20/21/a/2/3
    Ghokale nagar

    Date of Receipt : 02/11/2011
    Received By : EPFO, RO, Chennai


    As On : 15/02/2012
    Case Presently Dealt By: EPFO, RO, Chennai
    Concerned Officer: K.V. Sarveswaran

    Contact Address : No. 37, Royapettah High Road.
    Opposite Swagat Hotal,
    Email Address : ro.chennai@epfindia.gov.in
    Contact Number : 04428130314
    Case Pending with: EPFO, RO, Chennai


  9. i have not recived my pf money it was submitted in the yer 2011 and month of 04 . please help me
    my member pf. a/c no. mh/va/117678/25492

    plz sir , chcck this as soon as urgent
    my mob no is (9039993580)

  10. How to file pf return in new online pf return method.


  11. Res/Sir,
    I manish Pandey S/O Late Sh. O.P.Pandey , H. No. 5273 , Mohalla Nalbanda , near Bharro Chowk Rewari Haryana. I have worked in Agarwal Metal Works Jhajjr road rewari in 2004-to 2005 half , i have worked one & half year under Sharma Contractor but now till date i have not received my pf no. I appoched many time in Agarwal Metal works but I have not received any good response . pls help me. only i have ESI card proof .i have no nay other proof .if possible pls help me , my “”karamchari rajya Bima nigam “” Sankhya no. is 5592593 date of entry 08.12.04.

    Manish Pandey 9416820322

  12. Dear sir,
    let me know, how to file my epf return for the month of Oct 2010..i had filed my current return online. but when i tried my pending return. the e-sewa software did not accept my return it showed only financial year 2012-13..so please tell me what should i do for. it..as soon as possible.

    with warm regards
    vikas dhyani

  13. Res/Sir,
    I mohammed rayees Pandey S/O Riyaaz ahmad Sh. , H. No.b-38 , Ranjeet nagar Alwar(Rajasthan). I have worked in Autovision India Pvt ltd Dharuhera (Haryana) in 2006-to 2012, i have worked five year & six month and twenty days but now till date i have sumitted all documents but i have not yet received my pf information. I appoched many time in pf gurgaon office but I have not received any good response . pls help me.because i am a retired person and now i am not earning money. If you can help me Please help me out with this problem.

    Mohammad Rayees

  14. Dear sir,
    i was a employee of Legend advanced biomedicinal’s pvt ltd(A.Div. of Vanguard therapeutic pvt ltd.)as a field manager. my date of joining was 10/04/2003 and date of living is 09/06/2006. i have send p.f. withdrawal form, duly signed on advanced stamp receipt on 15/05/2012 through registered a/d letter no.A RCO – 19248681 TO MR P. KOTESHWARA RAO (M.D. ). but till date i have not received my p.f. amount. regarding this i have send so many mail to mr P. KOTESHWARA RAO , But they have not reply me.pl help me in this matter. my pf account no is- AP/34928/58
    Sanjeev thakur

  15. am facing problem in Final Settlement or withdrawal of PF. Please help me

  16. i hve recived msg in my mob from epfo that payment under process from last 18 months i have not got payment so plz tell me what to do my CLAIM ID 111100004867 AND MY MEMBER AC NO IS 00453270000119605…………………………….PLZ TELL ME HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE COMPLAIN

  17. Dear Sir,
    On the basis of my application for transferring my previous PF Account no. CG / 18104 / 434 to Present PF Account no. GJ / AH / 26610 / 1423, I had received the copy of settlement letter which was issued on dated 30/11/2011.
    But its a mater of anxiety to me that till date my previous Account has not been transfered.
    Sir, kindly do the needful.
    Mukunda Karmakar

  18. DEAR SIR

  19. EPF amount not received / settled in full.

    I have submitted my form on 9th November 2012,
    On 4th December 2012 I received EPF amount got credited to my bank account through NEFT, it was spitted into 2 amounts Rs. 23,994 and Rs.12,665 which comes to a total of Rs. 36,659 but my total amount due was Rs. 51,659.
    Kindly advice me how to register a complaint against this and receive my due amount of EPF.


  20. Dear Sir,

    i have register epf epass book dated 01/12/2012. epass book available sms recevied 09/12/2012 with PIN no.\
    but epf momber portal not available my epass book.
    kindly do the needful at the earliest.
    my pf no : TN/MAS/40756/000/257

    • This facility is activated by EPFO but currently only those members can view there EPF passbook online for whom the employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan Cum Return for the wage month of May 2012 onwards.

  21. Rahila Rakesh Bhanu

    Provident fund Commissioner,
    Mumbai.(Thane )
    Sub:- P.F balance Not transfer.
    Iam Rahila Bhanu Last worked for WNS Global Services Ltd. Pune, I have not recived my pf money it was submitted in the month of July 2012. my pf no is MH/43037/13396. It is my request for you .
    Rahila Bhanu
    M.No 9881407525.

  22. I have not received my pf money,It was submitted in the Jna’12 . please help me
    my member pf. a/c no. TN/52545/3427.

  23. what is the intt. of epf during 1990-91 to 2010-11.

  24. Dear sir,

    i was working in panipat,
    at the time of leaving, i fill the form of Epf claim but after 5 months i had not received my pf claim,

    after 5 months i again fill the pf form with NEFT transfer and sent to the company in chennai.

    but still not received any pf money.

    my pf claim no is TN/MAS/0050095/000/0001594

  25. Hi,
    I wanted to transfer my EPF amount from the account I held with my previous employer. I have initiated the process six months back with the help of my present employer. Now when I called my previous employer today to know the status, they told me that they have already received the application but have not forwarded it to the EPF office as EPF office is denying to accept it because of so much of work load.

    So my question is: Can an EPF office deny to accept the application form citing the reason that there is so much of workload pending with them?

    What should I do in this case?

    How much time it will take to transfer the EPF balance from previous account to current EPF account if my previous account was with Hyderabad EPF office and my current account is with Bangalore EPF office?

  26. Sir for the past eight months i have not received my PF dues from the pf department on 16 dec they asked me to submit a bank ac no with IFSC CODE and i did the needful but til date i hv not received anything .I request yourgoodself to please kindly look into this matter thanking u ms kirti.
    A/C NUMBER KD/MAL/121000012509

  27. Claim ID : DSNHP130100034320
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP09378680000002284) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.

    Claim ID : DSNHP130100034324
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP09378680000002284) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim

  28. Our Account details of code No. WB/0013932/000 Company Name D. N. Agrawal & Sons to St. Georges Gate Road, Kolkata – 700 022 are not entered in the EPF portal, as such all our individual employees including myself are not getting details from the EPF portal. Please redress our difficulties.

    Thanking you.
    Yours faithfully,
    Sujit Kumar Das

  29. I submit my transfer Form on 30.01.2013.From my old A/c No-TN/41361/55 to my New No TN/41365/285.Not Transferred till date.Please do the need full as soon as earliest.
    with regard,

  30. I Submit Form-13 on 30.01.2013 for PF Amount Transfer From My Old PF No-TN/41361/55 to My New PF No-TN/41361/285 ( I rejoin the same Concern).My PF Amount is not transferred till date.Please do the need full as earliest.

    with regard,

  31. I have worked with G4S Secure Solutions (India) Private Limited from 5 February,2006 to 27 December,2012.
    I have submitted the corresponding PF form at G4S Secure Solutions (India) Private Limited, Sector-10,Gurgaon on 21 March,2013. I have visited the office for number of times, but i haven’t got proper reply.

    Hence I am not able to proceed further and need to have the PF amount as an immediate need.

  32. My PF transfer form has been not in the proper hands, it is somewhere between M/s Mafoi(my previous employer) & M/s Crossdomain(My current employer). I have received an sms from BZ-EPFO stating that “Claim Form 13 for Transfer for Member Acct TNMAS003579100000032297 received on 17/09/2012 and Claim ID TNMAS120900022113 is under process”. These kind of sms, i have received 4 to 5 times during the past one year but till date there is no proper result. Please do the needful

  33. Sant Bahadur Bote


    I was worked in Security and Intelligence Services (India) Ltd. and my PF No. is BR/PAT/0005020/000/0105493 i was sent PF form on 09 Jan 2013 but balance has not been Transferred yet. I checked PF status it show no record.

    Thanking you.
    Your’s faithfully
    Sant Bahadur Bote

  34. My epf a/c.No- 40296-40, IN noida office company name magic international. i submitted my withdrawal form
    in march 2013, then i contact in noida epf office. they ask me your claim is rejected due to not attested by the employer but i attested my form to my bank manager please help me in this matter how to clear my final claim

    Thanking You.
    Rajesh Khanna.

  35. Dear sir,


    MY MAIL ID :- asharawat2014@gmail.com

  36. I am trying to put complaint on PF withdrawal. I have filled grivenavces registration form but when I try to submit error comes * mark filled are mandatory. I have filled all the mandatory field still it is not getting submitted.

    Pl help

  37. Hi,

    Please note for my PF account while i am downloading i got a message that your cannot see two account but actually i have one account and i mislead the another account and typed.So please help me who to solve the problem

  38. HI sir

    As i was working in The Supreme Industries ltd Chennai as an Sr.Team member .My Epf has been detected from my salary as i left the company 29.09.2012 (Date of joining 21.09.2010).Till date i was not got my Pf as i continuous following 2 years for the status then i come to know that still they have not maintain the proper Account of Pf.
    So my request is this that to take some action against this matter.


  39. MY EPF NO. IS HR/KNL/15208/0124

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