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Real Estate Bill Provisions To Protect Buyers Of Builder Projects


Real estate sector is on boom which make lot of builders coming with there new housing projects across the country. Customers who invest there hard earned money left struggling with builders due to there false commitments. Now to address customers issues, government is working towards making a new legislation. The Real Estate Bill, which would deal with the issues faced ... Read More »

Public Provident Fund (PPF) In India: Safe Investment To Save Tax


Financial year 2012-13 is moving towards its end and this is the time when most of the tax payers think of investing in different tax saving instruments to save tax. Tax saving instruments are those investment schemes which offers tax deduction under income tax act 1961. Although there are number of tax saving instruments available in the market like ELSS, ... Read More »

Difference Between Collateral Loan And Security Loan


When I approached bank for taking loan for the first time, the loan manager discussed different financial terms like security, collateral, mortgage, Lien etc. Frankly that time these all terms were alike for me as I was not aware what is the difference between these terms and how it matters in my loan request. So I decided to have a ... Read More »

Mutual Fund Direct Plan–You Should Invest Or Not?


SEBI the regulator of securities market in India has directed fund houses to offer mutual fund direct plan to the investors apart from the regular plan. Which simply means, MF houses should allow investors to directly invest in Mutual fund scheme without any broker or agent. Elimination of agents will reduce the middleman commission which in turn reduce the expense ... Read More »