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What Is The Difference Between TAN Number & TIN Number?


Most people get confused with similar sounding words. TAN and TIN are one of those and may create confusion. In this post, we will explain the concept of TAN Number & TIN Number. But before moving to TAN and TIN, lets first understand the concept of Tax Deduction. Tax Deducted at source (TDS), Tax collected at source (TCS) and Value Added ... Read More »

How To Get Re-KYC Done For Bank Accounts

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As per the KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines issued by RBI, every bank is required to obtain and maintain updated documents of its account holders. In an attempt to avoid fraudulent activities, banks update the document of all their account holders periodically. If you have recently opened a bank account, then you would have got KYC done while opening the account ... Read More »

Check 5 Signs Of Purity Of Gold


The recent trend of gold has shown tremendous growth, which has encouraged more people to purchase gold either for investment or otherwise. But whenever one plans to purchase gold or gold jewelry, the very first thing that the person should ensure is the purity of gold, i.e how pure the gold is? But here comes a question, how an individual ... Read More »

5 Tips To Maintain And Improve CIBIL Score

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Are you planning to apply for a credit card or loan? Is you CIBIL score well sorted? Do you have a high credit score? The term CIBIL score/credit score may seem new to most of you, but it is the first thing that is checked by the bank when you apply for a credit card or loan. If your credit ... Read More »

Mobile Banking: All You Need To Know

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Mobile banking refers to a system through which customers of any financial institutions can avail the facility of financial transaction with the help of their mobile phones. This is made possible with the advancements in the web technologies. Till 2010, only SMS banking was operative but now the introduction of various smartphones has enabled the use of mobile web. European ... Read More »