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Insurance Policies For Women In India


There was a time when all insurance companies want to sell there policies only to men, as in earlier days men was the only earner in family and role of women was just to stay inside four walls and take care of all household stuff and that’s it. But time is changed now, women has step outside the home and ... Read More »

Greater Noida ‘Independent House And Multistoreyed Flat’ Scheme Launched By GNIDA On 15th Aug 2012


Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has open a new housing scheme this independence i.e August 15th 2012. This residential flat scheme BHS-15/2012 has come up with 761 flats which includes both independent house and multistoried flats. Out of which 321 are independent houses and rest 440 are multistoried flats which will cost you in the range of Rs 6 to ... Read More »

Tax Exemptions And Deductions For Salary Income or Individuals


As an individual, we always prefer to save our taxes. The tax paid by a salaried person is deducted by the company as TDS. Though you should know about the following details to decrease your tax liability and enjoy the maximum possible savings. We would never prefer that our hard earned money has a major outflow because of tax payments. ... Read More »