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Understand Shares Issues And Its Types


Companies generate funds from public and other options by issuing the shares. The fund is beneficial as the company does not have to pay the interest as in case of loans. Only dividend is to be distributed depending upon the profits. The different ways of issuing shares have its own benefits. You should know about the types and the fundamentals ... Read More »

Income Tax Benefits On Second Home Loan In India


Investing in real estate is an good idea as it will provide best returns to you, Now if you already own a home and paying loan on it and planning to buy another Home on loan but confused regarding the tax implication then here is a guide for you. Well you can of course get an second home loan till ... Read More »

Set-Off And Carry Forward Losses For Income Tax Purposes


There are various Income Tax Rules, under which you can set-off the losses against the gains or carry forward them to set-off in subsequent years. But these rules have to be followed with particular details for set off and enjoy tax benefits. Set-off of losses Under Section 70, the loss incurred from any source of income under any head can ... Read More »