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How To Type Indian Rupee New Currency Symbol In Windows?


As we all know, the Government of India have introduced a new symbol for Indian currency. People have started using this symbol but some of us don’t know how to insert the same. Here is a simple trick which you can use to insert new rupee symbol. How To Inset Rupee Symbol? To start with you need to download the ... Read More »

What Is Term Plan? Tax Benefits, Riders And More


Term Insurance Plan is a pure life insurance plan which provides cover against the life of the insured. It is called as ‘’Term + Insurance’ as it provides cover for a set period of time (Term) and it is a purest form of life insurance (insurance). In simple words, term insurance is the basic life insurance product which demands premium ... Read More »

IDBI Launched India’s First Online Retail GSec Portal For Retail Investors To Transact In Government Securities


IDBI Bank Ltd. has launched India’s first online retail G-Sec Portal. The purpose of this Portal is to offer a platform to retail investors to invest under Government securities. This portal is now open for retail investors where they can invest under government bonds issued by both Central and State Government. New users can visit on the IDBI Samriddhi Gsec ... Read More »

Fake CBSE Page On Facebook – Be Careful


Facebook has become very popular across world, which no doubt help people connect with each other and stay updated. But now things are taking bad picture too, like the issue spotted by the government of India about objectionable content on popular social networking websites like Facebook. The another problem which is becoming common is Fake Facebook page. Recently a Fake ... Read More »