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What Are Emergency Funds And How To Create Them


Has it ever happened with you that you were in the need of money but then you realized and regretted that you haven’t saved any funds for this? Most of you may have faced such a situation. Whether you have or you have not been in such a situation, we can help you overcome and avoid regretting for the same ... Read More »

How To Start Saving Money While In College


Saving is a healthy habit and should be inculcated at a young age. It is advisable that youngsters start saving while in college so that they get an understanding of saving and managing their funds before they embark upon their professional lives and prospective careers. Saving effectively begins by developing a comprehensive budget as it helps to get a fair ... Read More »

Merger And Acquisition (M&A) And Its Various Types


Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) is a term that defines the event of combination of two or more companies into one. Normally, it has been seen that either people consider mergers and acquisition as one term or do not differentiate between the two. Though in both the cases the companies combine into one but the process and fundamentals are entirely different. ... Read More »

Health / Medical Insurance Policy: Definition, Benefits, Types, Processes, Sum Insured And More

Medical Insurance Policy

Managing finance has become a strenuous task nowadays, which is one reason why people want to keep themselves secure from any unforeseen expenses. Talking about unexpected expenses, health is one of the important aspects which needs proper attention as some medical emergency (if comes) can disturb your finances in just few minutes. To save yourself from any such situation, you ... Read More »