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Save Funds For Child Education- Easy To Follow Tips


With the cost of higher education rising faster than inflation, many parents worry about how to save for funding their children’s future education. Every parent today is diverting a major part of their savings to the cause of child education fund. While some are doing it wisely, for some it is mere estimation. It is very important to plan this ... Read More »

What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?


FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment. FDI is any investment made by a country in another country. FDI usually happens in developing countries by countries that have surplus liquid money in hand. This is a long term investment whereby corporation of one country makes a major investment to acquire ownership in a commercial venture in another country for the purpose ... Read More »

Health Insurance Portability: How To Switch From One Insurance Company To Another?


Just like mobile number and bank account number portability there is another very useful portability option available to you i.e ‘Heath Insurance Portability’. Health Insurance Portability allows policyholders to switch their policy to another insurance company without loosing benefits accumulated in the existing/current insurance policy. In simple words, if you are not very happy with the services of your health ... Read More »

Start Making Retirement Plans For Better Future


How many times have you thought ‘Lets earn first, Retirement planning can be done later’?  Most of us keep earning money waiting for the right time to make retirement plans, unaware of the fact that for safer and better life after retirement, there is no correct time to start planning retirement. The mantra that works is ‘Sooner The Better‘. It has ... Read More »

What Is Personal Accident Insurance? Why You Should Have It?


Most people wonder what is the need of accident insurance when they already have themselves covered under health insurance. Most individuals are unaware that an insurance named- personal insurance even exists. If you are one of those people, then we are here to help you. Accidental insurance policies are crucial and cheaper, yet there are very few people who are aware ... Read More »