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Equity vs Debt Funds: Which Is A Better Investment Option

equity vs debt funds

Equity as well as debt funds, both funds are an excellent source of investment as well as income, provided one knows exactly which one to go for. Not every fund is meant for everyone. For e.g., on a broader perspective, those who are vary of risks and bear a tolerance for sudden losses can always opt for equity funds. On ... Read More »

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Goes Live: All You Need To Know


If you are using your smartphone just for making calls, browsing social media accounts and capturing images, then we ought to tell you that you are missing out a lot. If you are a smartphone owner and you indulge in banking transactions every now and then, then this post is really going to help you! NPCI (National Payment Network Company) has ... Read More »

How To Reactivate Inoperative/Dormant Bank Account

Inactive bank account

Has it been more than two years since you made any transaction in your bank account? If your answer is yes, then this can land you up in trouble by making your bank account inactive or dormant. People who have more than one bank accounts, often neglect one account or the other which makes that bank account dormant. If you ... Read More »

8 Things You Must Know Before Taking Education Loan

Education Loan -3

Now that the school and college sessions are over, it is the time when students must be looking for different courses in colleges, perhaps from well reputed universities across the globe for further studies. While you must have qualifying percentage or even cracked the entrance exam but not everyone of us has enough savings to pay for the high fees ... Read More »

Planning Your Study Abroad? – Get Student Insurance Policy

Student Insurance Policy

Most students nowadays plan to go abroad for higher studies. If you also have any such plans then there is something very important for you to know i.e Student insurance policy. Student insurance policy is offered to protect insured from unexpected expenses like medical expenses while studying abroad. In most of the foreign universities, medical insurance is must. So it is always ... Read More »

Investment Appraisal Guide: Methods & Techniques

Investment Appraisal Guide - Copy

Investment is a long-term commitment of precious funds and consequently it is extremely important to evaluate each investment carefully. Investment appraisal may be defined as the evaluation of an investment with a view to ascertain the returns or gains that are expected to accrue from it. While different techniques may be used in the process of investment appraisal, the major ... Read More »