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9 Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying Life Insurance Policy


For every individual it is very important to buy a life insurance plan to secure his family before making any other investments. But choosing the best life insurance policy that fits to your needs is equally important. You can find numerous attractive plans these days which are launched by well known institutions. But these two factors- 1.) a well known ... Read More »

Brexit: Which Sectors Will Be Most Impacted In India

Brexi t

You must have heard the term Brexit lately. Appearing so much in the news, what exactly does this term mean? Is it going to have any impact in India? If yes, then how is it going to impact the various sectors in India? You will find answers to all these questions in this post. For those who are unaware, Brexit is ... Read More »

What Is Dormant Account, How To Save It?


Almost everyone of us has a bank account. There are plenty of reasons why people get bank accounts opened, like for depositing account payee cheques, for transferring money to another account and most of us also receive our salaries in our respective bank accounts. But what happens most of the times is that we open a bank account for a specific ... Read More »

Child Insurance Plans In India: All You Need To Know

Child Insurance

Nowadays, the most important responsibility of parents is to secure their children’s future. Inflation is going up and up everyday and it seems that it is hitting education sector the most at this time. So if you are a parent, then you need to get your child’s future secure so that you can meet rising needs of your children. To secure ... Read More »

Difference Between Repo Rate And Bank Rate


Bank rate and repo rate are short term tools for controlling cash flow in the market. Both rates are used for lending and borrowing money by commercial and central banks. There are many people who consider both of these rates as same, however, there is a difference between repo rate and bank rate. Read on to find out what are repo rate and bank rate, ... Read More »

Online Insurance vs Offline Insurance Policy – Which Is Better & Why?

offline insurance vs online insurance

With plethora of insurance companies in the market, with a variety of policies to offer, people often get confused, due to which buying an insurance policy is not that easy as before. But to facilitate customers, now insurance companies are posting all the details regarding there products on their official websites. This online facility not only helps customers to compare ... Read More »