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CARE Rating Will Help You Select Best MBA Courses In India

Credit Analysis & Research Limited (CARE) is a service rating company which offers its expert rating and grading services to different sectors in India. Now CARE is entering into MBA course ratings where MBA courses offered by different institutes will get grades ranging from A*** to B, where A*** is the highest rating that will be assigned to the best MBA course in India. This will help students to pick the right MBA course.


Advantages Of CARE Ratings-

  • CARE rating will help students to apply only to those MBA courses which are worth joining.  This will help students to focus on selected courses and save time & money.
  • CARE rating will help banks to take decision on students loan based on the rating assigned to the MBA course opted by the student.
  • CARE rating will create competition between the institutes offering MBA courses to secure better grade. This will improve overall quality of the course.

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