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Here’s Why You Should Upgrade To A Chip-Based Debit Card Right Now!

Chip-based cards

Back in 2016, the Reserve Bank of India had instructed banks to shift to chip-based cards – both debit cards and credit cards. In doing so, it compared the difference between Point of Sale (POS) terminal infrastructure to that of ATM infrastructure. It even gave the banks a deadline till September 30, 2017 to make the shift. Banks being banks, …

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6 Tips For Secure Banking Transactions

High Credit Score

Earlier, for every transaction we had to make, we were supposed to visit our bank branch physically. Within few years, banking sector has evolved to a great extent. Customers nowadays don’t have to visit their bank every time they make a transaction. Almost every banking task, starting from depositing money, withdrawing money and transferring money is possible while sitting at …

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Charge Card – No Limit Credit Card For Limitless Shopping

When we talk about plastic money the very first thing that comes to our mind is debit card and credit card. Here is another card which falls in the category of plastic money i.e Charge card. Charge card is somewhat like credit card which can be used to make purchases and pay back at the end of billing cycle. You …

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RuPay Debit Card : Indian Substitute Of Visa & MasterCard

National Payment Corporation of India (NCPI), has launched India’s first payment gateway RuPay on March 26, 2012. RuPay is the name of the domestic card scheme launched in competition with global payment processing firms Visa, MasterCard and other multinational brands. RBI did an analysis of the card transactions happened in India and concluded that most of the card transaction done …

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