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Three Types of Insurance You Should Buy At The Earliest

Best Car Insurance Policy

Insurance is a big part of today’s life. Why? The risk on your life, health and property are on a rise. Now, you never know when you may be involved in an accident. Or some heart ailment may just strike you. We are not trying to scare you here. However, rising temperaments, pollution levels and stressful lives that we lead will have an …

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Here’s How To Avoid Job-Loss Insurance Trap

Losing your job is a serious blow to you on mental, emotional and psychological levels. You situation-assessing capabilities take a hit. Mood swings may become quite common and your confidence may be hit quite bad too. To avoid such a scenario, there is something called job-loss insurance that you may be asked to go for. However, just like any other insurance policy, …

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Term Insurance Plans Can Be Good For You! Here’s How

Insurance industry is on the upswing today as the insurance subscribers keep growing. This is a result of the multiple benefits an insurance plan offers. However, among these insurance plans the one that offers the most is a specific type of term insurance plan. This specific type of term insurance is a fixed-income term insurance plan. These provide your family …

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Term Insurance vs Car Insurance: Which One Is Better For You?

Term Insurance vs Car Insurance

Have you signed up for a term insurance? Forget that for a second. Do you have insurance for your car? Chances are you do. Does your car insurance cover any damage that occurs to your body? If yes then to what extent? I know you will be irritated by so many questions. However, the point here is not to irritate you …

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Health Insurance vs Life Insurance: Which One Should You Buy?

Health Insurance vs Life Insurance

Life insurance has been an important buy for families having just one earning member. At least life insurance be of some help in future in case the sole earning member is, unfortunately, no more. However, health insurance has become quite a trend in recent times. People are concerned with their health more than ever. Rising pollution levels and increasing risk …

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