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12 Credit Card Safety Tips: How To Save Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

Do you use your credit card frequently? Do you pay your restaurant bills via credit card? And do you like online shopping using credit card? Have you started relying too much on your credit card after demonetization? Have you been charged twice for any transaction? Do you often get calls and e-mails asking for your credit card details? If your answer for any of these questions is yes, then you ought to read this post. In this post, we have listed 12 tips which will avoid you from becoming a victim of credit card fraud. Read on to find out credit card safety tips which will help you save yourself from credit card fraud.

credit card safety tips

Credit Card Safety Tips

  1. Sign on the back of the credit card (in the provided space) as soon as you receive it. If an unsigned card is stolen, there are chances that some other person might sign it and use it.
  2. Never write your credit card PIN on the card itself. If it is lost, there are chances that some other person might make transactions using it.
  3. Keep your PIN information away from the credit card. Never keep such information along with the credit card in your wallet.
  4. Its a good practice to memorize the CVV number and scratch it to save yourself from frauds.
  5. Never respond to SMS’s and e-mails asking for your credit card details. Never provide information over the phone unless you have initiated the call and are speaking to your own financial institution.
  6. After making any transaction using credit card, make sure that you are not charged twice.
  7. Do not use credit card while shopping from unsecured websites.
  8. Logout from the website after making any online transaction.
  9. Check your monthly credit card statements properly.
  10. Inform your bank immediately in case you change your address.
  11. Always make online transactions via trusted websites and make sure your PC is protected against virus and malware.
  12. If some unknown transaction takes place with your card, or if your credit card has been misused, inform the bank immediately and get your credit card blocked.
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