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4 Simple Steps for Making Bike Insurance Claim

“Your bike is not just a means of travel for you. We know that it means so much more”.

Your bike takes you places; helps you meander your way through the crowds and makes you feel like a liberated soul. However, no matter how much you depend on your bike, you also know that it isn’t as safe as driving a car, for obvious reasons.

4 Simple Steps for Making Bike Insurance Claim

That is why, it is imperative that you practice all precautions while riding, to ensure maximum safety. Moreover, you must also have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance to cover against third-party liability as well as loss of or damage to your two-wheeler.

However, god forbid, if you face any such eventuality, then you should know that the process of making a claim is short and simple. All it requires is the right knowledge.

Before you understand the steps involved in the claim process, know that there are two types of settlement processes. These are as follows-

  1. Cashless Claim Settlement– Two-wheeler insurance companies have a host of authorized service centers under them. Therefore, when you choose cashless claims settlement, you will only have to pay the deductibles agreed by you to the service center. Other than that, the entire process will be cashless as the insurer will directly pay for the repair costs incurred.
  1. Reimbursement of Claim– Under this process, you inform the insurer about the repairs needed, get your two-wheeler repaired and evaluated and pay for the expenses. Later, you raise a claim for the costs incurred from the insurer. The insurance company on verifying your request reimburses the same minus the deductibles agreed by you.

Now that you are familiar with the types of claims, you should also know the steps involved in the process. The four simple steps to follow are given below-

    1. Register your Claim

The first step is to register your claim with the insurance company at the earliest. Any delay may cause complications later.

In case, you make a theft claim; then it would be essential to file a FIR and report about the same to your insurance company. Also, if your bike isn’t traced within 90 days, obtain a non-traceable report from the police, which you would then need to submit to the insurer. This report is an undertaking from the police that they are yet to find your vehicle.

Once your claim gets registered, then the customer support executive will provide you with a claim reference number.

    2. Get Your Vehicle Repaired/Evaluated

After your claim is registered, you can then take your bike to a service center for getting it evaluated. On approaching the insurer’s authorized service center, you will be eligible for cashless settlement.

However, if you go to an unauthorized service center, then you can get the repairs and replacements done. The expenses that you incur here will get reimbursed when the claim gets approved and settled.

    3. Survey

Post the repairs and replacement; the insurer will conduct a survey to analyze the condition of the vehicle. Then the surveyor will either approve the claim or may even reject it under specific cases.

Rejection of claim may occur due to false claims, misrepresentation of facts, unlicensed driving, etc. However, if the claim is approved, then the settlement is initiated.

    4. Claim Settlement

You will then be required to fill forms and submit documents, post which the insurer will settle the claim. If the settlement is going to be cashless, then the insurer will communicate the approval to the authorized service center.

If the settlement is through reimbursement, then the insurer will pay you against the expenses incurred by you on car repairs and replacement.

Documents Required

For a smooth and quick settlement process, you will also require the following documents-

  1. Claim form which is duly signed
  2. A copy of your valid Registration Certificate (R.C)
  3. A copy of your valid driving license
  4. A copy of first two pages of your policy document
  5. FIR if it was accidental damage or a case of theft
  6. Original bills of repairs, replacement done, cash receipt and proof of release

Get Your Bike Insured and Put Your Worries to Rest

Now that you know how simple the claim settlement process is, don’t think twice about the need for a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover. Also, nowadays, insurers like offer insurance plans online which means you can buy online 2 wheeler insurance just at the click of a mouse. Comprehensive policies offered by such insurers include reimbursement for any damage caused to your two-wheeler by both natural and human-made causes along with a cover for third-party liability.

Cover for death or bodily injury caused by a personal accident is also given to the owner-driver, ensuring that any accidental loss should not push your family into financial debt.

You can even buy add-ons when you purchase an online 2-wheeler insurance policy to ensure comprehensive protection for you and your vehicle. These add-ons may include a consumable cover which provides coverage for replacing any nuts/bolts or replenishing oil after the accident. They can also include a cover for any injury caused to a fellow passenger in the crash along with several other benefits.

So, when you have two-wheeler insurance, you don’t have to fret about your bike that much. Buy one and enjoy all the rides to come!

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