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5 Promising Industries to Invest in 2019

To open or start a thriving business, you want a smart idea as well as the courage to act on it. For the first-time industrialist has his or her work cut out for them, anybody who can recognize industries exceptionally positioned for development as an evident advantage. There are many promising industries to invest this year that will surely give you a significant return on your investment.

  1. Sports Betting Stock

Sports betting are considered one of the most promising industries to invest in 2019. Sports betting stock has been hit over the previous month and is offering a nice entry point for many investors. Online cricket betting apps allow players to experience their preferred games on all channels.

Leveraging a wealth of high-quality content, considerable investment in innovation, in-depth client or customer intelligence, expertise in operation as well as leading-edge system, online cricket betting apps anticipate the needs of consumers whereby they choose to play. This is a well-established app and relationships with regulators and governments, and it develops through adhering to the highest standards of service, responsibility as well as integrity.

Due to the development of smartphones, players from all parts of the globe can now bet online right at the comfort of their home. This is one of the many reasons why you should consider investing in sports betting stock.

  1. Micromobility

An urban transportation revolution is making a remarkable opportunity for startups which make electric powered bikes, skateboards as well as scooters. With over sixty percent of the world’s population anticipated to live in urban places by the year 2030- up from fifty-five percent last 2018, this is according to the report published by the UNDESA or United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs- micro mobility items and products will gain immense popularity as an alternative to conventional ground transportation as well as mass transit.

Why micro mobility is hot, you may ask. Getting around on electric scooters, electric bikes as well as electric skateboards is fun and convenient, and the acquisition of Ford to electric scooter startup Spin for 100 million in 2018 has brought a considerably increased awareness to the business or industry.

  1. Digital Therapeutics

Aside from fun, excitement as well as entertainment, video games including another software app can now be utilized to cure various kinds of medical conditions. As a matter of fact, some need a prescription from a doctor. For a startup, this latest category of medication is a chance to make therapies which reduce the reliance of patients on pharmaceuticals.

Why is digital therapeutics business hot? This stock can fix or address unmet medication needs in a wide array of conditions. Products in development or on the market take account of software programs to enhance COPD and asthma, serve as an adjustment to the treatment of outpatient for substance abuse, as well as treat depression and pediatric.

Skills required: You’ll need to be able to make software products that range from mobile applications to interactive digital games as well as to steer the United States health care business regulatory setting.

  1. CBD Products

There’s already a high-demand in the United States for products that have CBD or Cannabidiol. This is a natural compound of hemp and cannabis which is non-psychotropic, so meaning it does not get a user high. Companies providing these types of product have a remarkable opportunity, this is because the proponents of Cannabidiol claim that this substance provides various kinds of benefits. It offers anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety as well as pain-relieving effects. A lot of consumers from all over the world already embracing CBD products they integrated them on their everyday living.

What is the best thing about this industry? Cannabidiol is popping up in an extensive array of products such as soaps, lotions, oils as well as beauty goods. The latest market is the food and beverage business where companies and manufacturer have added this substance to snacks, ice cream, coffee as well as cocktail drinks. By the year 2020, cannabidiol is anticipated to pave its way into soups, yogurts as well as salad dressing, this is according to the statement on food trends 2019 from Kind, a renowned snack-maker company.

  1. Personalized Nutrition

There is no one-size-fits-all method for a good diet. That is the reason why a lot of people today are more apt to gain weight on specific regimens than others. Acquiring the genetic blueprint can assist determine precisely what the body require to be at its best, making a chance for startups which can help consumers make a personalized, data-driven decision, concerning on the food that needs to take.


In general, those above mentioned five promising industries to invest in 2019 have been proven lucrative and rewarding. But, make sure to follow the right steps and techniques to reach your aim. Choose an industry that you love the most and not only because it is in demand.

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