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5 Reasons to Upgrade Office ID Cards

If your office has yet to implement an employee ID name tag system or your employees are still carrying around wallet ID cards that resemble old high school bus passes, then it’s time to consider an upgrade. Outdated or non-existent technology isn’t just a reason to upgrade – it means your company’s assets are vulnerable and your personnel are unsafe. Take a minute to consider what’s new in the world of employee ID tags to find out what you’re missing and why security risks aren’t worth taking.

1) Proximity Card Reading

RFID (radio-frequency identification), otherwise known as proximity card reading, is a technology that provides error-free employee identification. Every time an employee enters your office, an easy wireless system will scan digital information from their card. This security feature keeps track of whomever has access to the premises at all times; so in the case that any illegal activity takes place, your computer will contain a list of everyone that was present.

Instant wireless communication between employee cards and the security system eliminates the lengthy process of having to enter information manually every single time someone comes or goes from a building. With a system this easy, your employees will appreciate increased safety with no increased hassle.

2) An In-house Printing System

Rather than send out for expensive printing services, get an ID card printer for your office in an all-in-one purchase. This option allows offices to own all of the equipment needed to keep a security system up-to-date and functional without outside help.

Each time a new employee joins the company, they can be provided with a new security ID name tag of their own that same day. Choose between a variety of ID card printers by picking the brand that best suits your industry. You can also keep your company well stocked with the latest in accessories and supplies, such as ID ribbons, print heads, print covers, and card readers.

3) Other Accessories

There are many accessories to choose from in order to best suit the personality and practical requirements of your office. Choose between lanyards, laminate badge holders and clips to find a classy and professional style for your staff. If you’re looking for a more casual appearance, consider neck straps or bead chains, which can resemble a backstage pass for a concert. Retractable reels are useful in a fast-paced environment and will help prevent lost cards.

4) Guest Registry

Permanent laminated guest ID cards with guest lanyards are excellent for employees because they’re durable and won’t need to be replaced as often. They’re also useful for regular office guests, like business clients, who visit frequently. For one-time and sporadic guests, it’s better to opt for a temporary badge system. In this case, the guest’s access is limited to the time they’re permitted upon first entering the building.

5) Better Security

Of course, the most important reason to upgrade to a better ID card system is security. Employee cards that contain the latest technology can make a business look more professional and stylish, but their purpose is to keep businesses safe. So many types of crime can be perpetrated against an office –

vandalism, fraud and forgery, acquisitive crimes, theft, drug offenses, and even violent crime – so you can never be too safe when it comes to business assets and employee safety.

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