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7 Reasons Why Investing in HDFC Mutual Funds can Provide You with High Returns?

HDFC Mutual Fund has been one of the most prominent leader in the mutual fund industry in the recent years. The AMC has tried to cater to each and every financial objectives of the investors and has brought in quality products in the market.

Today, HDFC MF is one of the most trusted brand in the country and has a strong line up of quality products in the market to back the claim. Here, we are going to discuss 7 reasons why investing in HDFC Mutual Funds can give you high returns?

  1. A trusted brand: As mentioned above, HDFC Mutual Fund is one of the prominent leaders in the mutual fund industry. The asset management company was set up in the year 2000 and has since been consistently serving its customers. The company has a vast experience of over decade and half in the Indian financial sector and it wouldn’t be stretch to say that it has played a significant role in the contributing to the growth of Indian economy. The company has a chief objective of providing optimum returns to its investors, and its huge experience of the markets helps it to deliver.
  2. Strong financial backing: Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited and Standard Chartered Life Investments Limited back HDFC Mutual Fund. These two companies are among the elite financial conglomerates in India as well as across the globe. With such huge financial backing, the HDFC Mutual Fund is able to cater to all possible financial objectives of investors. In addition to this, such strong financial power helps the company to provide a solid cover for their investors’ money even during market fluctuations.
  3. Wide range of products: One of the biggest advantages of investing in HDFC Mutual Fund is a wide range of choices. The company offers products that will service to the objectives of any investor – ranging from high-risk investor to risk averse investor. Company has different mutual fund schemes across various market capitalizations such as large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap. It also offers multi-cap mutual funds, balanced mutual funds, tax saving funds, debt funds, and liquid fund across others. Such broad range of products can help an investor achieve a solid diversification in their portfolio and generate optimum returns.
  4. Excellent ratings and returns: Majority of the mutual fund schemes by HDFC Mutual Fund have a CRISIL rating of AAA and above. This makes these schemes highly trustworthy and popular among the investors. Such high rating means the schemes provided by HDFC Mutual Fund offer optimum returns along with a good amount of risk cover. HDFC Top 200, HDFC Capital Builder Fund, and HDFC Prudence Fund have generated consistent returns in the last decade and more and are still popular names in the market. This shows the strength and rich legacy of the company.
  5. Sharp eye for the market: HDFC Mutual Fund has a strong research team that has a keen eye for spotting potential in the market. Their team of market analyst are constantly on the lookout of the latest trends and developments in the market and have a good knack of spotting potential market growth. HDFC Small Cap Fund and HDFC Mid-cap Fund have shown good results in the recent years and have generated decent returns in the market.
  6. Expert portfolio management: As seen from the above points, it is only natural that the company excels in portfolio management. With such wide range of products and expert handling, the company aims to offer a solid portfolio to its investor that will generate high returns while covering as much risk as possible.
  7. Expert team of advisors and fund managers: With such high class products and services, the HDFC Mutual Fund aims to remain as a market leader for years to come. To maintain such high standards, the company has hired elite professionals and veterans in the industry to manage its funds. Industry veterans such as Prashant Jain, Vinay Kulkarni and Shobhit Mehrotra with experience of more than 20, 22, and 18 years respectively are working as fund managers for the mutual fund schemes of HDFC. With such high level of expertise and experience in hand, it is only natural that HDFC schemes generate high returns for their investors.

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