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Now Aadhaar Card Is Must For Accessing Government Services In Delhi

Delhi Government has made Aadhaar Card compulsory for accessing government services in Delhi region. As per the notification issued by Revenue Dept. and UIDAI, w.e.f. Jan 1st, 2013 no government services will be accessible in Delhi without Aadhaar Card.

So if you reside in Delhi and need to get your marriage registered, property registered or want to access any other service offered by Delhi government like issuance of domicile certificate or ration card etc. than you are required to have your Aadhaar card compulsorily.

As per the data available with government, still there are quite a good amount of people in Delhi who are still not enrolled for Aadhaar scheme. So those people can apply for Aadhaar card and get their enrollment number to continue using the government services in Delhi. People enrolled for National Population Register (NPR) can also continue using government services by producing their NPR details.


Delhi government is working towards linking all major government service with Aadhaar Card to have a proper check and transparency. This will help avoid redundancy and will make intended people to get the benefit of various welfare schemes offered by the government.

Once all the government services get linked to Aadhaar number then this one number will serve all the purposes as it is a universally accepted identification proof for all the government departments. This will help you avail services like opening a bank account, get mobile connection, LPG connection, train travel and other benefits.

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Revenue minister clarified that Aadhaar Cards are not compulsory right now but it is intend to make people get themselves enroll for the same. As government is trying to link most of the government service with Aadhaar number. Once all the services get linked to Aadhaar, no government service will be available to public without having a valid Aadhaar number.

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