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Indian Government May Make Aadhaar Mandatory For Railway Tickets

The Aadhaar dilemma just never seems to end. Now it looks like, it is the turn of Indian Railways to face its wrath. According to reports, senior Railways officials have hinted that the government will make Aadhaar mandatory for railway tickets. This basically means that every booked ticket has to be linked with Aadhaar.

Aadhaar Mandatory For Railway Tickets?

The primary reason for making Aadhaar mandatory for railway tickets is due to a rise in ticketing frauds. The government has not yet officially revealed anything about the speculations, so things are not yet known properly.

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According to a Trak report, a high-level Railway committee has stated that booked tickets have to be linked with Aadhaar. It is being speculated that Railway Information System (CRIS) officials are currently visiting the capital for interrogating a fraudster named Salman Khan. He was arrested for being accused of tatkal ticketing fraud. So obviously if the government makes Aadhaar mandatory for railway tickets, it will be for stopping such incidents.

The accused has made a software which bypassed IRCTC’s captcha mechanism and bank’s OTP necessity for processing thousands of tatkal tickets in a day.

Ticket related frauds have been on a rise lately. It has gone to such an extent that the Indian Railways are looking for an immediate solution.

Earlier there was another fraud arrest. A CBI employee was caught processing thousands of tatkal tickets through a software.

Other than making Aadhaar mandatory for railway tickets, officials are looking for other solutions too. A suggested method is IP Checks. In this method, one IP will be allowed to book only one or two tickets at an instance.

According to an HT report, a CRIS official said, “Study on allowing booking of only two tickets on one IP address is also being done. This would also help in preventing touts who book multiple tickets at the same time. However, companies wishing to book more than two tickets for their employees will have to register with either IRCTC or CRIS.”

Earlier Instances

Earlier in 2016, it was speculated that IRCTC would only allow Aadhaar holders to book tickets. In 2017, it was also raised. On August 2017, the government said that Aadhaar won’t be mandatory for booking railway tickets. In 2010, prizes worth Rs. 10,000 were announced for people linking Aadhaar with IRCTC account.

Currently, people with Aadhaar-linked IRCTC account are able to book 12 tickets in a single month. Other users can only book six tickets.

Aadhaar has become a contrasting topic in India with its critics and supporters. So do you think that the government should make Aadhaar mandatory for railway tickets?

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