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Abbreviations Of Finance, Banking & Insurance Terms

ACHAutomated Clearing House

AIBD – Association of International Bond Dealers

APR – Annual Percentage Rate

AYP – Annual Percentage Yield

BPLR – Benchmark Prime Lending Rate

CBS – Core Banking Solution

CD – Certificate Of Deposit

CDS – Credit Default Swap

CFD – Contract For Difference

CIBIL Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited

COG – Cost of goods sold

COS – Cost of Sales/Services

DPO – Days Payable Outstanding

DSO – Days Sales Outstanding

DDB – Double Declining Balance

EBIT – Earnings Before Interest and Taxes

ELSS Equity Linked Saving Scheme

EPS – Earnings Per Share

ETF – Exchange Traded Funds

FCA – Free Carrier

FCCB Foreign Currency Convertible Bond

FCM – Futures commission merchant

FFO – Funds From Operations

FIFO – First In, First Out

FSI – Floor Space Index

FOB – Free on board

FVO – For valuation only

GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

IFSC – Indian Financial System Code

IPO – Initial public offering

ISINInternational Security Identification Number

LIFO – Last In, First Out

LIBOR – London Interbank Offered Rate

MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

NOL – Net Operating Loss

NSC – National Saving Certificate

NVP – Net Present Value

OMO Open Market Operations

PMI – Private Mortgage Insurance

PPF – Public Provident Fund

QE – Quantitative Easing

ROA – Return on Assets

ROE – Return on Equity

ROCE – Return on capital employed

SDR Special Drawing Right

SSN – Social Security Number

STT – Security Transaction Tax

SYD – Sum of the Years’ Digits

T-Bills – Treasury Bills

TT – Telegraphic transfer

UIDUnique Identification Number

ULIP – Unit Linked Insurance Policy

USE – United Stock Exchange

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