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About FinGyan

A SEOValley Solutions Private Limited Venture, FinGyan (Finance Gyan) is your personal finance guide .

Finance is one aspect which directly or indirectly relates to everyone in today’s life. This finance guide is an independent source of free, comprehensive information about everything happening in fast moving financial world. It showcase latest news, research reports, analytical data, product offerings, government news releases, discussion forum and useful tools to analyze and track investment.

We cover every important aspect of finance and business news, including banking, stock markets, mutual funds, currency, economy, insurance, income tax, crude oil movement, gold, silver etc.

Our aim is to publish fresh, useful, original and easy to understand content on trending topics on Indian finance. FinGyan also showcase a wide range of useful tools to analyze, track and study your investments and in filing IT returns. FinGyan also explains common financial terms in layman’s language.


  1. I just went through your website. It is so informative. I am impressed as financial advisor. As a Chartered Accountant, I appreciate your efforts.

    All the best.

    Kumar (CA)

  2. Its very nice site, very informative, multidiscipline & well managed by you & your team.I wish you all the Luck ,Your all dreams comes true to make easy human lives .
    Kind Regards
    Environment Health & Safety Expert

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