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Keep Track Of Your Financial Status Using Online Web Based Money Management / Budgeting Application

Its very common problem with almost all of that at the last of the month we start to calculate where we had spend our earning and then we take a paper and then starts to remember, but few of the areas where we had put our money skips of our mind.

Here is a automated personal financing software for you, Perfios (PERsonal FInance One Stop), which will mange your transactions and keep track of your money and let you know where you had spend your money, its an online web service means no need to download and install software’s on your computer.

You can add your Bank accounts, Credits card, Mutual Funds, Equity accounts, Insurance policies, Loans, Fixed Deposits etc. anything that revolves around your finance can be tracked at Perfios.

To join this web service all you need a email address, yes just a email address, when you join it on the fist login it will ask your basic information, like type of account you had like Bank Account, Credit card an so on. You also need to enter your age and income.


Then click on next and then enter details of your account, like Bank Account, Credit card details, Mutual Funds details and so on :-


Perfios allows you to enter data in various forms like if you provide your Account details then it will automatically fetch data from there and requires nothing from your side, you can upload files like, Excel, PDF, Words and so on, you can also update your transaction manually by entering data by your on.

You can easily navigate between your various accounts, just click on My Accounts tab at the top and you will be presented with a nice and minimal view, here you can click on any of your account and then its summary will be presented to you.


All your transactions will be categorized automatically and no effort is needed from your side, same will be done for generating reports for you

You can easily see stock market information anytime, it is presented in a nice manner, you can view information related to any company,


You can also view all corporate announcement related to stocks made by the company, just select the company and choose the time period from of which you want to view announcements.


You can also view more information related to company like daily closing price, it will be shown in a nice graphical manner, you can also compare closing price of the company. It could be very helpful if you soon going to invest in stock market.

You can also view all kinds of information related to Mutual funds, you just need to select the AMC and scheme and you will be presented with a nice and easy to understand graphs.


One of the nice feature of Perfios is that it will file your Income Tax Return by itself, all you need to do is, just enter your basic information and the upload your Form 16 and then let Perfios do its work.

Perfios will also reminds you when your insurance policy is due, you had to make any payment, credit card, pay EMI, is about to expire and so on, it can send email alerts and SMS alerts too (premium feature.)

You can use Perfios from your computer or even from your phone when you are on the go.

Features :-

  • Easy To use,
  • Minimal design,
  • Auto Updates your account information,
  • Supports files like PDF, Doc, Excel and so on,
  • Can generate reports on your performance,
  • Easy to add accounts,
  • Shows all information related to Stock market and Mutual funds,
  • Auto categorization of transactions,
  • Easy to understand Dashboard which tells where you stand

Visit Site :- Perfios

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