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Here’s How You Can Get Best Insurance For Your Car

Different things have different values in our lives. In the case of a car, while some treat as just a mode of transportation, some treat it as a family member. Their attachment to their cars is something you may not even believe. However, not matter how you look at your car, you always want the best things for it, be it accessories or insurance. Due to your intent for getting the best, we have this piece for you today. In this piece, we will be talking about how you can get the best car insurance policy. It matters because no policy is the best except what you pick. Also, your car deserves only the best, like you.

How To Get The Best Car Insurance Policy

Insurance Type

You can opt for one of the three insurance types – Comprehensive Insurance, Zero Dep Insurance and Third-Party Insurance. A car needs to have a third-party insurance in case one needs to use it on public roads. It covers damage done to another party in case of an accident. As far as comprehensive insurance goes, it is a policy to cover all parts of your car in case of damage in a crash. A zero dep insurance not just covers your car in case of damage in an accident, it also covers it against depreciation. This way, when you sell your car in future, for instance, its value will not go as down as a car with regular comprehensive insurance. In the end, knowing the various types of insurance is the first step to getting the best car insurance policy.

Add-on Covers

Do you live in an area that sees frequent waterlogging? Is your area a disaster-prone one? Questions such as these will tell you your requirements from an insurance policy. Moreover, it will also help you in looking for the right add-on cover with the insurance. In the aforementioned two instances, a guy living in a frequently waterlogged area needs hydrostatic lock cover. This way, even if water enters his car’s engine due to any circumstances, the insurance policy will cover the damage. Add-on covers greatly increase the ease of mind for which you buy car insurance. Hence, it is the second step to buying the best car insurance policy.


How frequently do you claim insurance for your car? Do you claim it only for major damages or for every scratch on your car? If it is the former, you can get a good deal on a car insurance policy. How it works is simple. Insurance companies maintain a database and they register the number of times you claim insurance. If you claim it frequently, the premium they charge increases. For those not claiming insurance frequently or not claiming at all, they are charged less premium. If you live in an area known for its high accident rate, you may have to pay higher than usual premium as risk of increased claims always exists. So, knowing how frequently you may need to claim insurance decides how much premium may have to pay. That is why it comes third on this list.


Have you claimed your insurance even once in the past? Insurers ask this question not to know your driving habits but to give you a discount. Yes, that’s true! But why will an insurer do so, you ask? For that you need to know about No Claim Bonus. A No Claim Bonus is a type of discount you get on your car’s insurance premium. How? By not claiming car insurance even once during the insurance period. How much discount can you get? Well, how about upto 50 per cent? So, next time you look for the best car insurance policy, do consider this aspect.


Lastly, to get the best car insurance policy, you need to compare all the available policies. Well, doing so by going from one insurer to another in person is a tedious process. However, you can use the internet to do the same. This way, you can compare various insurance policies while sitting at home. Not just that, you can look for various add-on covers too and then see how much your premium will cost. We placed it last on this list as after you know about all the necessary components of an insurance policy can you compare them.

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