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Which Is The Best Credit Card For You?

Choosing the right credit card is important. When you use it, almost every credit card gives you some benefits. These benefits may be discounts on purchases or more points to buy stuff from credit card issuer’s store. However, the benefits afforded by each credit card are different. Hence, choosing the best credit card can mean the difference between you piling up a big bill or ensuring you get benefits in lieu of your spending. So, here’s how you can get the best credit card for your needs:

Best Credit Card

Choosing the Best Credit Card

Spending Limit

How much is your monthly expenditure for which you want to get a credit card? Different credit cards have different needs. For example, I have a card which allows me to spend Rs 1,00,000 in a month. My mom, on the other hand, has one which allows her to spend only Rs 10,000. So, identify your spend limit first and then look at the available credit cards to serve your needs.

Spending Habits

What do you spend your money most on? Do you shop a lot or do you travel a lot? Why I mention it here is because you will look for a credit card to meet one of your major expenses. It may range from shopping to travel to even daily transportation fuel costs. There are credit cards in the market to help you meet those major expenses with least burden. For example, a travel card helps you in earning flyer miles through your spends. So, if the card is from a particular airline, you can accumulate flyer miles and later book a flight ticket with the same. Similarly, a credit card from an oil company will help reduce the cost burden on you every time you get your car fuel tank refilled.

Bill Payment

This is an important aspect of choosing the best credit card. Every credit card company has a different billing cycle that they offer to customers. They also revise this cycle depending on whether the user pays his/her bill on time or not. Before you opt for a credit card, do take note of this bill payment period. If the bill payment period does not match with your salary arrival date, for instance, you may end up defaulting on your bill payment. So, be extra careful of this one.

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Credit Card Issuer

Do keep a close eye on who is issuing the credit card. It affects your services experience. How so? For a few credit cards, you  cannot convert your spend amount into EMIs through POS terminals. You have to contact the credit card issuer for that, which means you will have to experience its services. Do go through user reviews and talk to people who own multiple credit cards to know which one is better. After all, it so happens that a few credit cards do not work at all POS terminals but their issuers offer great services. Would you settle for just a good credit card or good services as well?


Comparing credit cards is another important aspect of getting best credit card for yourself. But it may not be as easy a task as going to website and comparing the two side-by-side. However, once you have covered the above four points, this task will become easier. Comparing different credit cards will help you know which one will serve you best. After all, a credit card today offers more than just one or two benefits. Hence, comparing cards may not be an easy task but it will be worth your time.

There will always be folks who tell you that credit card is not a good thing. However, if you can keep your spends in check and pay your bills on time, a credit card is a really helpful financial instrument. There are a number of credit cards to opt for and you can almost always get the right card if you follow the above-mentioned points. However, using it judiciously is the only way you will stay out of trouble.

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