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Top Websites For Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) Online In India

Filing income tax return (ITR online is not uncommon especially after income tax department made it compulsory for all the tax payers with annual income Rs 10 lack and above to file their income tax return (ITR online only. Although income tax department has provided a platform which allows tax payers to file there income tax return (ITR online. But the overall process is little complicated which every individual or HUF tax payer may not able to understand easily. Income tax department has also setup a call center to help those who want to file there income tax return them self but still all tax payers don’t like to take such pain so for those tax payers who need assistance in filing there income tax return online here we are listing down some good websites which let you file your income tax return online.

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List Of Authorized Website Which Makes Filing ITR Online Easy For You 


ClearTax is an online portal authorized by Government of India for e-Filing of income tax returns. Tax payers can signup on this website to file there income tax return online through there portal. It offers anytime email support to its members for filing there income tax return online with ease and guide them to maximize there income tax deduction to reduce there tax liability.

It is a simple five step process for which you have to pay Rs 249 for one year for an individual and Rs 749 for business and professions. You can also take advance services where you will get a financial planner (CA) to handle all your tax filling formalities and digital signatures (valid for one year) for that you may have to pay a little extra.

This type of platforms usually come up with some special offer under which you can file your ITR online for free or at discounted rates. So keep a watch and take the benefit.

Note :- Currently clearTax is offering free tax filing service for women tax payers which will be valid till 26th July 2012.

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ITR Online


myITReturn is an another platform which is authorized by the Income tax department, Government of India. It allows tax payers to file there income tax return easily and safely. This portal is offering you all the services required to file your income tax return online at reasonable rates. The standard package starts at Rs 199 which goes high with added services like tax planning, ITR-V submission service, IT return review from expert etc.

It offers you 24*7 service which make you file your IT return anytime from the comfort of your home. Filing tax return through myITReturn will not not only help you file your IT return easily but also ensure you will get the maximum tax deductions/ Refunds.

Note :- If you are an individual with Salary/ Pension income and have no tax payable or refundable then you can file your income tax return (ITR online at myITReturn for free.

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TaxSpanner is an authorized tax efiling service which offers various deals for different customers according to there need. It offers you a simple email type platform to file your income tax return where you have to fill a form and email the filled form with your form 16 to tax span and they will take care of the tax efiling activity on your behalf and your ITR-V will be mailed to you on your registered email id.

As other tax e-filing platforms it also offers special services to corporates/ businesses which help corporates to file there tax return and save the most out of it. Tax expert at TaxSpan handles each case with due care to make their customers happy with there services by saving a big amount of tax each year.

Note:- TaxSpanner is running a tax back offer under which taxpayers who choose to file there tax return through TaxSpanner may get all the tax that they have paid for that financial year. This offer is valid till 28th July 2012.

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TaxShax is an online tax filing platform approved by Income tax department, Government of India. To file your income tax return online through TaxShax all you have to do is register yourself on TaxShax for free and answer some questions related to your income and investments which will help TaxShax to calculate your tax liability and tax deductions. It is a simple and secure platform which allows to file your Tax return at reasonable price. It charges Rs 181 for a basic plan, Rs 324 for silver plan and Rs 524 for gold plan. Which plan you should go for depends upon the type of income you earned in last financial year.

This platform offers e-filing services only to Indian tax payers who are individuals which means NRI’s, self employed or foreign residents can not efiling service through TaxShax.

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Tax Smile is an authorized tax efiling platform which allows individual, corporates and NRIs to file there income tax return online. Tax Smile also allows customers file there income tax return through ATM machines of various banks. Tax Smile allows its members to calculate various income and expense parameters like HRA, Capital gains, pension, advance tax, LTA, PF etc.

The various plans for different customers varies from Rs 250 + taxes (silver), Rs 400 + taxes (gold), Rs 2000 + taxes (premium) for Indian tax payers and USD 69 (Rs 3100) for NRI customers.


ICICI Direct

If you have your trading account at ICICI direct then you can use the tax service of ICICI to file your income tax return online. ICICI direct offers a platform for all its members to file there tax return hassle free. Both Indian residents and NRI’s can file there tax returns through this platform at a cost of Rs 350 for other services like digital signatures you may have to pay extra. ICICI not only offers you a simple platform but also guides you at each step while filing tax return through phone executives.

Income Tax India

Income Tax India is a website designed to offer tax related services by income tax department, government of India. It is a complete guide for all tax payers who want to file there income tax return starting from downloading ITR forms like ITR 1 (SAHAJ), ITR 2, ITR3, ITR4, ITR4S (SUGAM), ITR5 for the assessment year 2012-13. Tax payers can file there taxes online using this platform and can call the helpline number in case of any query related to filing income tax return online. You can also check your Form 26AS before filing your tax return (ITR online at the same website.


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