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How To Book Railway Tickets Using Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)?

IRCTC has enabled a new payment system i.e IMPS (Interbank Mobile Payment Service) for its users for booking e-tickets. The official website of Indian railways now allows people to book there e-tickets using IMPS apart from debit card/ credit card/ internet banking etc.. Although currently customers can use IMPS service only at IRCTC portal to book there railway tickets but soon it will be available at Mobile Phones and its various access channels like Mobile Internet, IVR, SMS and USSD.

To Explain the whole process here we are taking SBI as an example, so the complete process mention below will help you transact IRCTC IMPS for SBI bank:-

To start with you first have to register your mobile number against your bank account with your respective bank.

    • To start with you first have to register your mobile number against your bank account with your respective bank.
      • To register for mobile banking – Write MBSREG and send it to 9223440000 or 567676 and you will receive a User Id and Default M-PIN.
      • Download Mobile banking Application on JAVA Mobile either from Android Market or from
      • Change Default MPIN.
      • Register Account : To register account you either visit your bank ATM and follow the instructions >MobReg>Mob Banking>10 digit Mob No. Or can apply at your Branch CBS.
    • Get MMID (Mobile Money Identifier)  from you bank. [ MMID is a unique 7 digit number, which banks generates by linking customer phone number and bank account. This number helps in identifying bank name of the customer. Customer can link one mobile number with multiple accounts in the same Bank, and get separate MMID’s for each account.]
      • You will receive MMID via SMSM on next day of registration.
      • Or you can generate MMID : Visit ATM and follow the instructions >MobReg>SMS>SMS Alert / 3DSecured Code / IMPS>10 digit Mob No. Or Apply at the Branch for online registration.
      • For Retrieval (In case you forgot your MMID)/Cancellation of MMID:
        a. Send SMS “MMID SBI” to 9223440000 to retrieve your MMID.
        b. Send SMS “MMIDCANCEL SBI” to 9223440000 to cancel your MMID.
    • Get M-PIN from your bank. MPIN is a secret password which customer will require to authenticate his/ her transaction.
      • After sending SMS <MBSREG> to 9223440000/ 567676, customer will receive the User ID and default MPIN via SMS on Mobile no. Change default M-PIN to avail mobile banking service.
    • Generate OTP :

Using Mobile Banking Application

      • Log on to your mobile banking application using your user id.
        From Main Menu, select ‘IMPS-Interbank Mobile Payment Service’
      • From Sub-Menu, select ‘Generate OTP’.
      • Enter M-PIN
      • You will see OTP (One Time Password) on your screen with validity amount and time. [ You will also get your OTP SMS alert on your registered mobile number].

Generation OTP through IVR

    • Dials 18004253800 from your register mobile number
    • Choose ‘Mobile Banking Information Option’>’OTP option’ then IVR will ask for last 4 digits of your primary account no and last 3 digits of user id.
    • System will validate the your credentials and send you the OTP or the failure message.

For Complete Process to Register, Generate MMID and OTP for Union Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, Canara Bank, Standard Chartered Bank And Yes Bank. CLICK HERE


  • The transaction limit for OTP generated through mobile banking application is Rs 50,000/- and through SMS & USSD is Rs 1,000/- per day.
  • IMPS charges are kept at Rs. 5 for transaction amount of up to Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 10 for transaction amount of more than Rs. 5000/.

Lets have a look how you can book railway ticket online using IRCTC IMPS payment gateway.

  • To book ticket at IRCTC, first visit @
  • If you are a first time user then look for signup option in the Login box else enter Username and Password to login the portal.


  • Enter the travel details in the ‘Plan My Travel’ like From i.e the place from where you want to board the train, To i.e the destination where you want to go, Date i.e your date of travel, Quota and hit the ‘Find Trains’ button.

IRCTC train search

  • System will generate a list of Trains matching your search criteria with details like Train No., Train Name, Departure Time, Arrival Time and different sitting classes like 1st AC, First Class, Second AC, Third AC, Chair Car and so on. Select the sitting class as per your choice and system will generate the train details selected by you and the availability of the same for next 5days.
  • Click on the Book hyperlink for the date on which you want to book the ticket for.

IRCTC train details

  • On clicking on ‘Book’, system will take you to another page where you have furnish passengers details like Name, Age, Sex (M/F), Berth Preference etc.
  • Check all your booking details in the ‘Ticket Reservation’ Section and then enter the passenger details. For children below 5 years of age, enter details in the ‘Child Passenger Details’ section and then hit ‘Go’ button to submit your details.

IRCTC passesnger details

  • Review all the booking details and press ‘Make Payment’ button.

IRCTC make payment

  • Select ‘IMPS’ under ‘Mobile/Net Banking’ tab to make payment through Interbank Mobile Payment Service.


  • System will take you to the SBI payment gateway, where you need to all the fields like MMID, OTP, mobile number etc. and submit.

IMPS payment gateway

  • On submission of these details, the system will redirect to IRCTC website, with ticket details and PNR number on the page. Customer can print the e-ticket from this page.
  • Customer will also get a confirmation SMS from their respective Bank on successful transaction, and bank account shall be debited with corresponding amount.

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